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All New Classes introduces 18 new classes to Arena, giving you a whole new experience.

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This mod replaces all 18 classes in Arena. I'll repeat: it replaces them. Hopefully they'll provide new ways for you to enjoy the game. Because of the extensive nature of these edits, I HIGHLY recommend playing only on a separate install. Putting this together was a massive undertaking, and I'd appreciate it if you could be gentle with me if you have any problems. I'd like to thank my friend QSHV for helping me devise these new and interesting options, and for putting up with all the necessary bug testing.

I should note that one of the consequences of changing the player classes is that it also changes the enemy classes. You will be fighting new enemies. Maybe you like that, maybe you don't, but there's no way around it. Another slight problem is starting equipment. I haven't yet found a way to change that. If you start with a weapon you can't use, you're just gonna have to rough it for a while. If you happen to notice any animation snafus, those were part of the vanilla game.

Like some of my other mods, this is for the CD version of the game
Simply copy ACD.EXE to Arena's root directory

A backup of the original executable is provided

Does this mod work with your other mods?
Short answer: yes. I've provided combined mods so that you can enjoy all that I've created so far. Long answer: modding Arena generally means getting under the hood, and directly editing the executable. This is tedious. I don't know how often I'm going to do it. Mods that don't involve the EXE, like Shrouded Past and Stonekeep Restored, will work with this mod without any problems.
Can I get a table outlining the abilities of the new classes?
August, why are there THREE assassin classes?
Uh... hail Sithis?
What's it like being a crazy person modding a 25 year old game?

So let's get to the classes. Some are slight variations on the originals, others are radically different. If you've never played Arena before, you'll probably want to choose the Hero class, which will give you a more Skyrim-like experience. For veterans, there are a few gimmicky classes. They're quite a challenge to play, and I hope you have fun with them. Arena is an old game. It doesn't have an immense amount of depth to it. But I tried to introduce some roleplaying opportunities.

The Apprentice is unfortunately frail, but has an aptitude for anything they set their mind to. They learn quicker than any other class.

Arena Fan
Simply put, no one is better with a dagger than the Arena Fan. (Not recommended for new players.)
Just... Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab! And then... Stab, stab, stab, stab, stab!

The Brawler loves to fight, and eschews any weapon but their own two fists. Unlike with other classes, their unarmed damage will increase.

Whichever Daedric prince the Cultist worships, expect a repertoire of destruction. They're not too shabby with a mace, either.

The Duelist is a swordsman with a strong sense of fairness. Quick on their feet, and even quicker with a sword.

A disfiguring disease afflicts the Exile. They can no longer comfortably wear armor. They no longer have the dexterity for nimble tasks. However, the disease has unnaturally fortified their constitution. They can take hits that would ordinarily kill a person, and what's more, recover faster. However, they will level slower than any other class.

The Legion produces, if anything, formidable warriors. And that's just what the Guard is.

The Hero, the gestalt, above average in all respects. This class was included for players of more recent Elder Scrolls games who are accustomed to doing it all in one playthrough.

Adept with the tools of the woodsman, the Hunter can take down his prey from afar, or get up close and personal with the business end of an axe.

Jehanna Khel, leader of famed gladiatorial team the Iceblades, mastered a technique combining the versatility of magic with the deadliness of Akaviri weaponry. And now you can follow in her footsteps. (This is based partly on prerelease content from when Arena was a very different game.)

S... Sithis? Well... I am just a lowly Murderer, but... But I know Sithis is our Dread Father. When we kill, we send him souls! Is that right?
The Murderer is a versatile assassin, who, with a little planning, can overcome any obstacle.

Devout, and maybe a tad unscrupulous, the Pilgrim is a religious traveler who never lets an opportunity go to waste.

A precursor to the Mages Guild, the Psijics are reclusive order of do-gooders. Being able to avoid conflict altogether allows the Psijic to effortlessly achieve their objectives.

Having read one of Hermaeus Mora's black books, and having survived the plane of Apocrypha, the Seer finds themself in possession of boundless knowledge. Upon gaining experience, they will reach 10th level... instantly. However, due to the strain on their psyche, they will never level beyond this.

Getting into situations and getting out of them is the forte of the Spy. They're self-reliant, able to maintain their own equipment and "acquire" whatever's necessary.

The Templar is a warrior-priest, champion of the Divines. Their healing spells allow them to fight on when others cannot.

A physical specimen, the Terminator moves faster, jumps farther, all while wearing the heaviest armor. This is a guy who prefers kicking down the door rather than sneaking up on his mark.

Wharf Rat
The Wharf Rat is not beholden to the tenets of the Thieves Guild. He's willing to kill to get what he wants... and he's good at it.