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I removed the ear breaking clicking noises from the audio files. I don't get a headache while playing now.

Permissions and credits
I highly recommend the mod Speech - No Hiss which fixes the background noise in the cinematic/speech files. It is compatible with my mod.

Update 3
: added Even shorter sounds for Sound Whore(Miscellaneous section).
Update 2

Sound Patch :Added a fix for Drums, Level up and spider sounds. The last two were in version 1, but still had some clicking left.
Arena Sound Whore : I removed unnecessary sound padding and tweaked a couple of opening and closing notes to improve smoothness. I also made sure that it no longer needs to be overwritten by the main mod to work properly. I am sorry that I didn't notice this.

Optional Files

-Arena Sound Whore: Muted sounds unrelated to gameplay and reduced the length of the rest. I did this because most of the time I couldn't hear enemies because of the drums, my own footsteps or a random ambient sound since this game can only play one sound at a time. Only use this if you have played the game before.

-Even shorter sounds for Sound Whore(Miscellaneous section): Some sounds from Sound Whore were made 2 times shorter, attack sound is sped up, explosions and open door sound are very short. This significantly helps you locate monsters. You may or may not like how quiet the game is most of the time.

Sounds muted in Sound Whore:

-ARROWFR : Shooting arrow
-BASH : Hitting a lock
-CLOSDOOR : Closing doors
-DRIP1, DRIP2 : Water drops
-FANFARE1 : Level up
-FANFARE2 : Picking a quest item
-GRIND : Moving hidden wall
-HICHOIR : Angelic sound effect
-OPENALT : Opening jail door
-SPLASH : Falling in water

You can remove or overwrite a muted sound file with a variant from the main mod if you want to preserve that specific sound in-game.

Put the files in your installation folder (same folder as your saves and A.exe or ACD.exe).

I used GoldWave to edit the .voc files.
You have permission to use these files for your mods.