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OrdinaryTekken is a high-end Reshade Preset that brings depth based features utilising Marty McFly's Ambient Obscurance (MXAO) and other techniques for realistic shadows, lighting, bloom and other visual effects.

Permissions and credits

Version 1.2 - This mod is currently in its Early Access testing stages.
Images were taken with the Extreme variant of the Preset. 'Standard' and 'Performance' settings may differ in presentation.

Global Trailer

OT (OrdinaryTekken)
aims to provide a more cinematic look to the Tekken action, whilst staying true to the original atmosphere trying to be achieved by the developers. The profile features a number of lighting and ini changes other the standard Tekken Experience.

Steam Edition of Tekken 7 (latest version)
Reshade 3.1.2


 OrdinaryTekken ReShade is not compatible with Ansel. Although we would love for this to be a thing, it's currently not possible.
-Slight Visual garbage may be present during the game's loading screen for Story Mode I recommend toggling the preset on and off with SHIFT+F3 during cutscenes.

Installing OT onto your Steam copy of Tekken 7 is a simple process.

1. To install OT, download one of the main file versions of Nexusmods in the Files tab, save it into a location that is accessible.

2. Head over to and install Reshade 3.1.2

3. Follow the installation process and you'll be prompted to install ReShade to a specified location. Navigate to where you've installed Tekken 7 and then locate your binaries folder.
e.g: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Binaries\Win64

4. Click on the TekkenGame-Win64-Shipping.exe and select DirectX10+

5. A message will prompt you asking if you want to install shaders. click NO.

6. Open the file with a tool like WinRar or 7zip, you'll be presented with two main folders, place the contents in the "reshade" folder in the Tekken 7 root.
e.g: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7 DO NOT PLACE THE FOLDER ITSELF!

7. Once that's placed, ReShade has been successfully installed. it's time to install the ini file!

8. Navigate to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\TekkenGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

9. Within the WindowsNoEditor folder, there is an Engine.ini folder, replace the ini file with one located in 'ini'.

10. The files are now all installed! Startup Tekken 7.

10b. If prompted with a Tutorial for ReShade, click on the dropdown menu and select OrdinaryTekken.

11. Turn on Performance Mode in the ReShade settings! With the box open for Reshade, head over to the last tab and click the 'Performance Mode' box. Now your Tekken 7 is configured and ready to go with OrdinaryTekken ReShade.


OT features three different versions to choose depending on the specifications that the player meets.

  • Extreme; also known as EX Mode, is the highest of the highest presenting an unprecedented detailed and high-quality MXAO solution. Maximum quality UE4 Anti-Aliasing and most recently with the 1.1 update; God Rays that brighten up the battlefield.
  • Standard is designed to bring visual benefits with less of a performance hit. Designed for the middle of the road parts (Like my own home PC) players can enjoy a beautiful ambient occlusion solution and lighting benefits without taking a heavy toll on your computer.
  • Performance mode brings visual benefits with even less of a performance hit. The preset is designed in mind for computers that were the top dogs of the last hardware generation. It brings a lighter implementation of Ambient Occlusion and other visual benefits.


  • Hit SHIFT+F2 to get access to the Graphics Console, you can toggle options on and off separately here.
    (Before messing around with settings, make sure its on performance mode!)
  • You can toggle the Graphics Upgrade on and off with SHIFT+F3.

Gameplay Video

On: EX, Standard and Performance

Tekken 7 does have Ambient Occlusion, the Ambient Occlusion, however, is weak and is almost non-existent on the environment and on some stages the characters. This Reshade Profile implements a powerful Ambient Occlusion in conjunction with UE4's Ambient Occlusion settings. MXAO is also depth based to help even slightly weaker PC's achieve higher FPS, thanks to how the profile scales Ambient Occlusion based on the position of the Camera and the characters.

On: EX, Standard and Performance

Hit Sparks now generate their own bit of light thanks to the addition of bloom. This has been adjusted heavily to ensure that the fight is that more spectacular whilst not taking away from the action.

On: EX, Standard and Performance

Bloom has been added to replicate and generate realistic light flares throughout the game. the Bloom effects are subtle but help create that sense of atmosphere within any battle! Bloom is also light dependent, so depending on the colour that is being reflected, the bloom could be a rich gold glow, to an azure blue.

On: EX Only

As of 1.1, the Extreme preset now features God Rays as a replacement to the standard flare that's used within this Reshade preset. God Rays are subtle and can be noticed from a sidestep, follow the light to victory.

  • Proudly Powered by Reshade 3.1.2 
  • Marty McFly's Ambient Obscurance (MXAO)
  • High-Quality Shadows
  • Dazzling Hit Sparks
  • Light Dependent Ambient Lighting
  • Screen Additive Bloom Effect
  • Vibrant Colour Pallete with LumaSharpening
  • High-Quality Anti-Aliasing
  • God Rays
  • Motion Blur Adjustments
  • Removed Chromatic Aberration
  • Modified Engine Ini
  • Optional Quality Presets
  • Compatible with other mods
  • Designed for Windows 10

Q: I've Installed the mod, I see it says ReShade at the top when I boot up the game but I'm not seeing the changes!
A: Make sure that OT is turned on. hit SHIFT + F2 and check that it's being selected from the drop-down menu.

Q: My Ambient Occlusion looks horrible! It's all splodgy, unlike the screenshots.
A: I'm assuming you hit yes when it asked you about the shaders from GitHub, follow the reinstallation of the mod again.

Q: My Game crashes when I tab to it!
A: Make sure that your video settings are configured correctly to the card you want to be running ReShade with.

Q: My PC meets the system requirements, yet I'm getting some lag spikes/performance hiccups.
A: Make sure ReShade is running in Performance Mode, to activate Performance Mode, hit SHIFT + F2 and navigate to the last tab. Once you've navigated to the last tab, turn on performance mode and restart your game.


If OT is taking a toll on your system, it is possible to uninstall it.

1. Locate back to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Local\TekkenGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

2. Replace the ini with the Revert engine.ini file that's available on the NexusMods page.

3. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Binaries\Win64 (or adapt this to the location of where your Tekken 7 is installed).

4. Delete dxgi.dll, dxgi.ini, dxgi.log, reshade-shaders and OrdinaryTekken <Version Name>.ini

5. Navigate to your ~mods folder in your Tekken 7 Pak files C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\TEKKEN 7\TekkenGame\Content\Paks\~mods (Again adapt this to where Tekken 7 is installed).

6. Delete zz_OrdinaryTekkenLicense_P.pak.

  • OT created by Koenji

  • ReShade created by the ReShade Team, with members like crosire who's been doing a lot of work behind the tool and the 3.1 update.

  • Marty McFly for his own Ambient Occlusion implementation, Marty McFly's Ambient Obscurance (MXAO) as well as providing a depth buffer fix for Tekken 7. You are the man!

A lot of support from my Tekken Mod discord, you guys rock! Some names but not limited to:

  • Jin Badguy

  • Lee Yan

  • Moruma

  • Ghost

  • D462k1

  • JinTabasa

  • Peraliq

  • Shnuki

My Gold Tier Patreon Supporters!

  • Chun Li

  • Rashad Harrison

As well, as my Silver and Bronze tier Patreons.
My Tekken families LF (Lion's Fury) and CKT (Cool Kids Table).
And thanks to those who download and support this profile as well.