Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

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A simple Reshade preset designed to enhance the games visuals. Read below what the preset changes.

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Vesperia Enhanced Reshade


Make sure you have 'qUINT by Marty McFly' activated when installing Reshade to Tales of Vesperia, or the mod will not work properly.


* Sharper lines to prevent blurry textures, things such as hair, clothes, and objects in the world will look more crisp and HD.

* More colorful world. The colors and RGB balance has been tweaked to make the game feel less dull while still maintaining its charm.

* Small changes to bloom will make things like fire and magical effects pop-out more to the player and feel more impactful

* Made the UI and Menu more clean and easier to read.

* Small film grain effect to maintain proper brightness and further help things have texture and look more natural.

How to install

* Find Reshade and install the most recent version found here -

* Unzip it and apply it to the game directory.

* Drop the reshade.INI file into the game folder or other convenient spot.

* Access the Reshade menu in game by pushing the HOME button on your keyboard (this will make you auto-run so pause while doing this)

* Click the top of the menu and access the mod file called Vesperia Enhanced.INI from wherever you placed it.