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Berseria Visual Remaster changes the global aesthetics of Tales of Berseria adding a more anime-like, softer style to most of textures of the game. New textures are home-made and HD (up to 4x the vanilla resolution).

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Berseria is a great J-RPG and maybe the best of the Tales of serie but it often suffers from poor graphics and dated visuals. This project aims to give to the game a more coherent identity by replacing most of its textures with anime-style (cell shading), softer ones, in high resolution. Most of the textures in this pack are home-made especially for this game and some others are upscaled and reworked versions of the vanilla ones.

This mod DOES modify the following parts:
- Landscapes (grounds, rocks, trees, vegetation),
- Skies (adding brand new clouds design),
- Architectures (mainly by reworking existent vanilla assets),
- Main characters (textures upscaled and cleaned),
- and some props.

This mod DOES NOT modify:
- Interiors architectures (most of them look good enough in the base game)
- Secondary NPCs
- and some textures which are very understated and do not alter the global visual quality of the game.

Under the Images section you'll find a Vanilla pic and a Remaster one in order to compare and to get an idea of the mod. Pictures are somewhat limited to get a real feeling of the new visuals (and I can't show everything it improves in the game) so it is best to try it and play it!


To install and use this textures pack you MUST use the Special K - Tales of Berseria “Fix” (TBFix) created by Kaldaien available here. I won't explain here how to install and how to use it.


Simply extract the file and drag it in your Tales of Berseria\TBFix_Res folder. Launch the game and enjoy your new Tales of. Overwrite when asked if you are already using custom textures (it is best to install this pack on a fresh install of the game).

Impact on performance should be pretty minimal depending of your PC. You could see some loading "hicups" when entering a new area which is normal and  this can be minimized or solved (see the Special K documentation on the net).

Thanks for trying this pack (I've put some love and time into it!) and feedbacks are welcomed!