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  1. weltonnm
    • member
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    Hello guys

    It didnt work in my game, the buttons still be the same as before
  2. dilllay
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    Nice bro !
  3. c33v33
    • member
    • 15 posts
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    Thanks for this! I use DS4Windows and needed this to get PS4 button prompts!

    My PC is in a living room environment, so I use DS4Windows to control the mouse cursor in order to launch the game (and do other PC things like launch game mod utilities, UE4 unlocker, etc.). This eliminates the need for a mouse. A controller is more convenient in the living room.
  4. fardriel
    • member
    • 277 posts
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    This already exists in vanilla.

    It's only necessary if your computer thinks that your PS4 controller (DirectInput) is actually an XBox controller (XInput) because of something like DS4Windows or InputMapper. But those aren't necessary, because Steam carries built-in support for DirectInput controllers now. The game is only available for PC purchase on Steam.

    I'm not going to follow that train of thought to its obvious conclusion, but if you *require* this mod, it's pretty apparent what's going on. :P

    Though this is definitely helpful if you have a controller profile set up with an external program that it would be too much of a hassle to undo every time you wanted to play ToA
    1. zukane2
      • supporter
      • 89 posts
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      So people who is used to PS prompts but using xbox controller for longer battery life?
    2. fardriel
      • member
      • 277 posts
      • 26 kudos
      Or any other reason, I guess, including the one I, myself, mentioned about the controller profiles.

      Which is why I specified "if you *require* this mod" and not something like "anyone who uses this mod."

      Just seems like a whole lot of trouble to go through when you could just rely on muscle memory, look down at your controller, or plug your controller in, which takes even less time than installing the mod, and a *lot* less time than making the mod.
    3. Blaubeerchen27
      • member
      • 117 posts
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      Not sure what you're trying to say with this comment.

      I bought the game (yeah, legally) and still use this mod, simply because I'm used to have DS4 activated whenever I use my PS5 controller as a Gamepad. But good to know it exists in Vanilla as well.
    4. ZidaneTribaLL
      • member
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      I need this mod because due to some driver fuckup or whatever Steam doesn't see my DS4 (or, in fact, any DS4 i tried). There is no problem with system itself or any games and soft with native DS4 support, only with Steam and ToA uses steam input.
      So I forced down to use DS4Windows to actually play games with my controller and although I have no problem playing with Xbox prompts, the Playstation prompts is always feels better.
      To author - my utmost gratitude.
    5. sounz0r
      • member
      • 12 posts
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      This is such a pointless comment to be making. I get it, you think the only reason for this is for people that pirated the game. I don't know why you want to be coy about it. I run DS4Windows at all times, like I'm sure many people do. It's great and all that Steam has good support for Playstation controllers now, but Steam isn't the only thing people play games on. There's Origin, Uplay, Bethesda, Epic, GOG, and even just playing emulated games on something like RetroArch, that heavily benefit you have a single program to make sure it runs the same across all of them. Why would I want to undo anything only when playing ToA? I get this mod and I never have to change anything that I normally do.

      But no, it's definitely that people only play games on Steam, and anyone that downloads this pirated the game.
    6. Hakeus13th
      • member
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      You know that you could launch a Non-Steam games on Steam, regardless of pirated or legal bought, right? It's far better and safer than relying on an ancient DS4W. And you could switch the input as Xbox or PS or Switch.

      So technically, this mod is useless. And yeah, anyone who uses this mod is either playing a pirated version or not smart enough to utilize Steam.
    7. Nova77x
      • member
      • 66 posts
      • 4 kudos
      >>It's far better and safer than relying on an ancient DS4W.

      Ryochan's DS4Windows is not ancient, it receives regular updates. You're thinking of the original version by Jays2Kings. How is it safer exactly? What a strange word to use. And I would argue it isn't better. DS4Windows is far more feature rich than the bare minimum that Steam offers.

      Furthermore, DS4Windows can emulate a DS4 controller. So you can setup macros, or toggled alternate controller profiles, etc, and feed that to Steam, which will pick up the emulated DS4 and pass that onto the game. The latest version even has a direct passthrough for the touchpad. In this game, I've mapped L1 and L2 to swap controller profiles when held, so the face buttons become artes buttons Ys-style. Allowing regular attack, jump, and dodge to stay on the face buttons. Not possible with Steam.

      I paid for my copy, so I can't comment from experience about the pirated version, but my understanding is that the goldberg controller fix only supports xinput. It is my understanding that it doesn't matter what Steam can emulate, the pirated version will only pick up xinput controllers, period.  This is what I've gathered from reading the various threads on the matter, but if you know more about it, or indeed have experience with pirating it yourself, feel free to correct me.

      The mod was simple, and easy to create. I figured if there was a desire for it, and indeed there was, why not help others out.
    8. XenoVars
      • member
      • 1,865 posts
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      Don't listen to these clowns. The mod is useful and definitely needed.

      Steam doesn't recognized my DS4 as PS controller since I'm using a USB dongle converter. So it actually recognizes it as an "Xbox One" controller. The UI will reflect on that.

      Also, didn't realize there are two versions of DS4 windows! I should look into it sometime.

      Though, more games should follow Death Stranding and Kena Bridge of Spirits.

      Let's you change the controller UIs to PS4/Xbox/Switch. If you are using an Xbox controller. You can change the in-game controller UI to Switch/PS4 and vice versa, regardless of what your PC recognizing the device at.
    9. ksy39bsp
      • premium
      • 79 posts
      • 3 kudos
      I have switch pro controller, the xyab layout is different from xbox. I know steam can swap ab and xy, but the position of buttons can't be changed, sometimes the prompt(like the one in the bottom right corner when in battle) tells me to press the button on the left, I have to think for a while to decide whether to press x or y.
      If the prompts on PC can be changed to DS4, then I won't be confused.(Obviously I can't change button prompts on switch)
  5. iamarief
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    thanks a lot, very useful :)
  6. PhantomInMist
    • member
    • 4 posts
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    many many thanks!! <3
    Been waiting for this mod and here it is!
  7. Kezn715
    • member
    • 11 posts
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    Nice and love it.
    Any chances you will make a colorful version ?
  8. AirborneMuffins
    • member
    • 30 posts
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    Ummm, this is already in the game?
    1. Nova77x
      • member
      • 66 posts
      • 4 kudos
      Yes, through auto-detection only. You cannot manually select it.

      If for whatever reason the controller is not detected properly, or you end up using xinput instead, it allows you to force the PlayStation buttons. They really should have made nintendo/xbox/playstation options, and then added a manual selector. Regardless of what controller you're using, some people are more used to certain labels than others, they should at least have the option. Several games have done this. I just finished Ys IX not long ago, and it had this feature.
  9. whateverg
    • member
    • 92 posts
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    Thanks for making this!