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by the Purple Elf

Before you close this, let me tell you: You want to read it. SupCom 2 is a fun game, but it's also far from stable, and if you put something in the wrong place or have wrong settings, it likely just won't start, and you'll get no indication as to why.

That being said, Hi! Thanks for downloading my co-op campaign mod, and I hope you love it.
There are a couple of important things to consider in using it.

- Go to your Supreme Commander 2 install directory.
- Go into the gamedata directory and back up your lua.scd file (somewhere outside of the SupCom 2 directory)
- Copy the maps and gamedata folders in this zip into your SupCom 2 directory.

Make sure "enable DLC in skirmish/multiplayer" is disabled in the main menu.
Most missions can be played as up to four players, with the exception of Illuminate 6 and Cybran 3 which only support up to three players because they require too many AIs.
As a player, all you really need to do is join the correctly set up lobby by your host using Steam Friends.

As a host, you need to consider multiple things.
Because SupCom 2 doesn't support adding a map to the built-in list, the campaign maps duplicate the name of an existing one - Iskellian Coast. To easily select the correct one, I recommend only having one in your maps directory at a time as the host.
When you select this map, you'll see that despite the selection jumping to the original Iskellian Coast, there's no minimap image.
MAKE SURE to select Fixed starting positions and to not change them from the default, otherwise everything will break.
Keep yourself in slot one, then add as many AIs (settings irrelevant) as the current mission requires. The player slots start after the AI slots, so make sure no one joins until after you've correctly filled them.

Mission 1: 3
Mission 2: 2
Mission 3: 1
Mission 4: 4
Mission 5: 2
Mission 6: 3

Mission 1: 3
Mission 2: 2
Mission 3: 3
Mission 4: 3
Mission 5: 3
Mission 6: 5

Mission 1: 2
Mission 2: 2
Mission 3: 5
Mission 4: 3
Mission 5: 1
Mission 6: 3