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Your restockers will now work through the night, restocking everything while you're gone, having everything ready by the time you get back in the morning.

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There are currently 2 known issues with this mod:

- Conflict with RDC Stock Manager: Numbers displayed on the Computer may be incorrect!
- Conflict with an unknown mod: The day may be impossible to complete by pressing enter!

I, the developer of this mod, have been unable to reproduce these issues on my end, making them difficult to fix. If you experience either of this, but especially the second one, please join the discord server linked below and provide any details on what happened, so that hopefully I can figure this out.

With this mod, all your restocking will always be done by the time you arrive at the Supermarket in the morning. No more tedious waiting for the restockers to do their thing, they had all night to do so! I'm sure they will be adequately compensated.

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