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A quick and easy temporary solution for restockers not moving boxes from the streets into storage!

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EZ Delivery
Now with auto racking!

This is a fairly simple mod that allows for you to NOT spend 20 minutes before opening the shop everyday by creating a simple way to magically beam boxes onto rack slots from the street!

I'm aware this is sort of a "cheaty" mod if you will, however, the game devs have said in future restockers will be able to pick up boxes from the streets. In the meantime, if you're lazy then simply use this mod!

READ FIRST (Functionality):

There are two ways you can use this mod, either with manual quick racking or auto racking!

Manual Quick Racking (default):
All you have to do is pick up a box from the street, press "L" on your keyboard and if there is sufficient rack space for that specific product the box will teleport to the rack - you're a wizard!

Auto Racking (can be set in the config):
Ever wished you had a magic delivery driver, almost like the tooth fairy? Well, now you can! Simply turn on the AutoRack feature (mini-tutorial below) and place your delivery. As soon as the delivery has been placed, the mod will methodically go through each box from the delivery, find a rack with space for that item or any free slot (changeable in the config) and fill the slot with that box. You don't even have to lift a finger!

Please bare in mind this is my first mod for this game, took me a couple hours of head scratching when boxes were no longer interactable after being placed in the rack (which is now fixed) so if there are any bugs that I haven't spotted do not hesitate to let me know :)

Known Issues

There are currently no known issues

Mini FAQ

Q: I've put the mod in my mods folder and it doesn't work
A: Please PLEASE ensure you have installed it correctly. If you are using BepInEx place the mod in "(Game Directory)\MLLoader\Mods" and for base
MelonLoader "(Game Directory)\Mods" If you're still having problems and you've triple checked this THEN make a post asking me for help :)

Q: It says the rack is full but there is plenty of space?
A: By default, the mod restricts your box from being placed on free space with no item labels. If you want to be able to auto or quick rack to free space with no item labels on your racks, change the "RackFreeSlots" to true in MelonPreferences.cfg in your UserData folder. There is a mini-guide below to configuring the mod exactly how you want it.

Q: What do I open the .cfg file with?
A: Pretty much anything, notepad works but I use Notpead++

Q: My restockers are carrying invisible boxes
A: This is a known visual bug with the auto-rack feature, in my experience every time this happens the box gets put back in the rack with no issue so no need to worry.

Q: L is far away on the keyboard, can I change this?
A: Yup, sounding like a broken record now but once gain this can be configured in the MelonPreferences.cfg file, this is also in the mini-guide below!

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Configuring the Mod

Changing Keybinds

You can now change the keybind to rack an item.
In order to do this, navigate to the MelonPreferences.cfg file in the UserData folder
Scroll down until you find the [EZDelivery] category and you can change the key there:

Click here for a list of valid Unity key codes to set as a value for this property.
These codes are case-sensitive! If it appears as L in the docs, it must be a capital L

Free Slot Racking

You can also now enable racking to apply to slots that are not exclusive to certain items.
For example, when pressing the rack button on a box, if it cannot find an item label it will create one on a free slot.
This can be turned on in the same place as above:

Auto Racking

You can now enable the experimental auto racking feature which is disabled by default in the config.
When placing a delivery, the mod will automatically fill free rack space either limited to that product or not (depending on RackFreeSlots value)
Please note this feature is experimental!

User Interface Pop-Up

Since the UI pop-up, indicating how many of the currently help product is stored, has been re-implemented, you can now configure whether or not the UI pops up in the config. It is enabled by default but you can disable it by setting "EnableUI" to false.

Requirements & How to Install
This mod requires MelonLoader. However, instead of installing the base MelonLoader, it is HEAVILY RECOMMENDED to install Tobey's BepInEx x MelonLoader pack, which can be found here. This pack contains BOTH  BepInEx and MelonLoader for you to be able to install both types of mods that are listed here on Nexus.

  • Firstly, download the file from the "Files" tab above.
  • Next, extract the .zip file using a familiar extracting tool such as 7-Zip, Win-RAR.
  • Next, open your game directory and go to the MLLoader\Mods folder
  • Finally, copy your EZDelivery.dll file (which should be in the extracted folder) into that folder.

Don't know where your game directory is?

You can find your game directory on Steam through here:

Click "Properties" and then "Installed Files" and "Browse":

That's all!

If you're a nerd like me, you can check out the GitHub repository here!