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1) New enemies, locomotives and modules;
2) New locations;
3) Economy overhaul, new trade goods;
4) Hours, Munitions are now consumable items boosting speed and armament damage;
5) New weapon class - Ram;
6) New port to investigate - Chagatai;
7) New quests.

Permissions and credits
A third incarnation of the first fan-made content mod for Sunless Skies. The mod was developed for Steam version of the game and works with GoG version. It is possible to launch the mod on Steam Deck, given your OS on it supports Net Framework 4.62+ and SSkies version is identical to one for Windows (read more on the matter in the end of description). To install the mod on Mac you will need to figure out how to install Mac version of BepInEx, which is a complicated process and I can't give any directions here.

Langley Hall Sophia's Hunts is unfinished content, ignore it for now.

On moddb:

Brief Summary

1) Brand new locomotive modules - 80 items;
2) Obtainable lodgings at large cities - 3 houses;
3) Parties for factions which may be hosted at lodgings;
4) Faction shops - 7 new shops;
5) New trade goods - 5 new trading goods;
6) Barrels of Hours and Crates of Munitions are now consumable items which boost speed and armament damage, respectively.
7) New weapon class - Ram;
8) Unclear Device - a new consumable that can conceal you from enemies;
9) New port to investigate - ruins of the Chagatai Expansion;
10) Empyrean and Winter's Reside have spywork institutions there you can turn in port reports to gain favours;
11) You can exchange favours of Empyrean and Winter's Reside for various items.
12) All new control buttons and consumable items are shown in the left lower corner of the screen;
13) Wounds. If you ever have 3 Wounds you are dead;
14) New Nightmare encounter which I won't disclose any details about;
15) Mining and Butchery modules now have levelling;
16) Now most places have custom images!
17) Rocket armaments now deal more significantly more damage far away and a little less in point blank range.
18) Take a Pathway to the Crown at Pan to become the Cypress King.
19) Capture sun light with Empyreal Mirrorcatch Boxes and sell it
20) Economy overhaul, every shop of every port has been altered.
21) The mod adds 50% more images from what the base game had for characters and items for both vanilla and modded content.
22) Three new locomotives for you to steer: two Dreadnoughts and special quest Engine.
22) Two new enemies: outlaw Faustic Corsair and Empyreal Xanadu Outrider.
23) 14 New Facets to spice up your captain's story.
24) Press "Horn" to hail neutral vessels in the skies and begin a conversation.
25) New quest: Find and claim the lost Greenhouse Engine "Ceres" in the Reach. Quest can be started at Nature's Reserve once you do some commissions there.
26) New location in London - Nelson's Plaza, some stories were moved there to unclutter St Dominics station.
27) Every officer now provides a bonus to locomotive stats: speed, damage, hold etc.
28) New slots now have proper UI in the Hold, modules can be equipped by dragging them, (only works for 1920x1080 screens).
29) Modules for fuel effiency were buffed.
30) Ten new trading goods total.
31) Some Armour modules provide damage reduction instead of raw Hull bonus.
32) New location at Brabazon - the New Sequence Chapel.

New control keys:
‘K’ - open bridge storylet, a menu which allows to equip/unequip new modules and use certain active modules and items;
‘T’ - consume Barrel of Hours to temporarily boost your locomotive speed with Hour Loom, toggle Loom fuel renewal on;
‘Y’ - toggle the Hour Loom fuel renewal off;
‘G’ - consume Crates of Munitions to boost your armaments damage for fixed amount of firings.
‘Z’ - activate an Unclear Device;
‘V’ - activate Ram.


0) If you already have the previous version of the mod all the operations with game files must be done with replacing the existing files to the new files. If you have installed the mod before the current version has one more folder to copy that is 'addon_mod_data', do not miss it or confuse it with 'addon_mod_images';

1) Download the archive and unzip it into some handy location.

2) Copy-paste “BepInEx”, “mono”, “Sunless Skies_Data”, "addon_mod_data" folders and "winhttp.dll", “doorstop_config.ini” files into core folder of Sunless Skies game accepting replacements. You may find the folder under the path “Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sunless Skies”, you may open that folder by following “Steam Library -> Rightclick mouse -> Properties -> Browse local files”;

3) Check if file “resources.assets” in “Sunless Skies\Sunless Skies_Data” is correctly replaced with a new one;

4) Copy paste custom images folder "addon_mod_images" to the “Username\AppData\LocalLow\Failbetter Games\Sunless Skies\storage\” folder;

5) Obligatory: make a backup of your save files from “Username\AppData\LocalLow\Failbetter Games\Sunless Skies\storage\characterrepository” folder;

6) Copy paste custom images folder "addon_mod_images" to the “Username\AppData\LocalLow\Failbetter Games\Sunless Skies\storage\” folder; (if you happen to be using Linux you need to add folder to the following location {XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-$HOME/.config}/unity3d/Failbetter Games/Sunless Skies)

7) Is the number. Launch the game from Steam Library (somehow the game sometimes fails to launch the mod if Sunless Skies is launched via desktop shortcut). You will see a BepInEx console launching the mod (red text after phrase "Mod Loaded" is not a problem). If console doesn’t appear there is a chance something went wrong and the mod won’t work. Scary red text in the console is not a bug, it is supposed to be that way.

8) Load up your save, the mod will work regardless if you load an older save or start a new game;

9) After the save loads and you see a port you are docked at press ‘K’. You should see “Your Locomotive” event; If you see it - congrats! The mod is successfully installed!

10) If Steam updates the game you will need to copy paste modded file “resources.assets” into “Sunless Skies\Sunless Skies_Data” again.

11) I recommend to turn off auto-updates in the settings of the game in Steam. This is needed because, if Sunless Skies decides to spontaneously update and you load a save file after updating you will lose all the modded items! Thus I also recommend you to make backups of your saves every now then;

12) If mod works, skip this step. If console doesn’t appear (and button 'K' doesn't work while flying), you most likely don't have a proper version of Microsoft Net Framework. The mod is based on BepInEx injection, which requires Microsoft Net Framework Developer Pack v 4.6 or newer. You will need to download it from official Microsoft site and install it. That's the most final manipulation you will need.

Detailed explanation

New modules:
Each locomotive now has 5 more slots for new equipment:
1. Casemate - usually used for weapon-related modules;
2. Machinery - usually used for logistics-related modules;
3. Aft - used for modules with active component;
4. Decoration - used only for decoration modules;
5. Ram - used only for ram armaments.
New modules don’t take up regular slots. Equipment menu is accessed from “Your Locomotive” storylet which can be opened by pressing ‘K’. Active modules functions are accessed from bridge in the same manner. All new modules will be inherited, but will not work until you unequip and equip them back. New module types:
Weaponry Enhancements:
Multi-shot - causes your armaments to shoot additional shells and produce more heat;
Armament Damage - presents percentile increase of all damage your weapons do, stacks additively with bonus damage from using Crates of
Cooling Array - increases speed at which your locomotive cools down after shooting or dodging, 10 points of Cooling Rate quality
improves heat dissipation by 1 per second.
Thruster Booster - increases your speed, stacks additively with other speed boosters, e.g. engine Hour Loom or Full Steam mode;
Maneuvering - improves lateral and side-thrusters making your locomotive easier to steer and better for dodging;
Fuel efficiency - travelling will consume less fuel.
Repairs Station - active module, can be used to issue repairs on the fly, given you have materials;
Garden - active module, can be used to grow seeds for supplies;
Soul Oven - active module, can be used to convert souls into fuel.
Lamps - increase your Mirrors at the expense of Veils;
Assaying, Canning, Mining modules - self explanatory;
Quarters, Hold, Hull modules - self explanatory;
Decoration - stat increasing modules that can not be bought, but can be crafted at your lodgings;
Percentile Damage Reduction - reduces damage recieved in combat by certain percent, to a minimum of 1, always reduces damage taken by at least 1 point;
Flat Damage Reduction - reduces damage recieved in combat by certain fixed ammount, to a minimum of 1;
Reactive Armour - recieving damage will also increase your heat.

Mining and Butchery Modules levelling
For each surplus level of Mining/Butchery you gain chance to earn additional unit of a resource. At the cost of Heat and increased chance to encounter a foe, or multiple foes. Each additional module is applied separately. Therefore, more levels of Mining/Butchery increase possible yield, but never guarantee it.
  • Mining - 40% chance per additional module;
  • Butchery - 50% chance per additional module;

Ramming Weapon
New weapon class obtained at new shops. Rams are equipped from Your Bridge. Hitting 'V' will launch your locomotive onwards and heavily damage first enemy it hits. Apart from increasing heat Ram has a cooldown. Missing a ram attack will cause the cooldown to increase more than normal cooldown. Missing an attack again will cumulatively increase the cooldown further. A successful Ramming attack will reset the cumulative CD increase. Cumulative CD increase decays over time.
There are 12 different rams with different characteristics:
  • Damage;
  • Heat - Rams can not be used while overheated;
  • Cooldown - base cooldown;
  • Cumulative Cooldown Increase - how badly the cooldown increases if you miss.
  • Special - some Rams have special bonuses.

Economy overhaul
The High Wilderness economy has been heavily edited:
- All goods shops were changed;
- Some platforms now have shops;
- New goods were added;
- Some shops don't use sovereigns as currency;
- Fuel and Supplies cost varies depending on port;
- Assortment of shops changes depending on quest progress and faction dominance;
- Figure out profitable SSea-like trade-routes, some of them require you to go to different region.

Sunlight Trade
Sunlight trading in the High Wilderness:
- Obtain Mirrorcatch Boxes in Empyrean;
- Catch light or un-light of the suns to earn your fortune.

Equipment shops
New modules can be obtained from new shops.
  • A number of equipment shops which you can find across the High Wilderness: Lustrum, Port Prosper, London, Winter's Reside, Eagle's Empyrean, Caduceus and the Floating Parliament;
  • The assortment of shops at London, Lustrum and Port Prosper depends on your reputation with the owning faction;
  • Some merchants are not interested in your sovereigns.

New trade goods
Four new highly valuable goods, each one can be bought at its-own region and sold at a different one. Note: they can be sold at Hub ports, but this will earn slim profits.
  • Steam Core - obtained at Royal Society, this bleeding edge contraption is mostly valued by the military. Alternatively at “Your Locomotive” (button ‘K’) a Steam Core can be used for emergency repairs on the fly.
  • Ostentatious Jewelry - obtained at Caduceus, this rather expensive decoration is mostly valued by bohemians and high-society members.
  • Compressed Decade - obtained at the Circus, this high-end product of Hour-processing is praised by the engineers. Alternatively at “Your Locomotive” menu (button ‘K’) a Compressed Decade can be decompressed into Barrels of Hours.
  • Electrical Trinkets - commonplace electrical doodads which can be sold at Hub ports or unconverted to something more valuable at certain places.
  • Welter of Curios - relics of the dead.
  • Empyreal Technology - created with electrical trinkets, this high-end electrical good may earn you fortune.

Lodgings & Parties
Tired of sleeping on a floaty bed? You can obtain lodgings in large cities: London, New Winchester and Eagle's Empyrean.
  • Lodgings provide access to the Study, there you can craft Decoration modules.
  • Lodgings are possessed across the lineage.
  • Lodgings at London and New Winchester can be used to host a party for different groups.
  • Each group has unique set of events and different rewards.

Barrels of Hours
Your locomotive is now equipped with an Hour Loom which can be fed with Hours to boost your speed for some time. Once you turn the Hour Loom on it will automatically prolong the duration as long as you have Barrels of Hours to fed it with. Stacks additively with other speed boosters, e.g. engine Thruster Booster modules or Full Steam mode. Hour Fever!
  • +25% Speed;
  • ‘T’ - toggles the Loom on;
  • ‘Y’ - toggles the Loon off.

Crates of Munitions
Munitions can now be loaded into your armaments to increase damage they deal. Amount of
firings with increased damage depends on the weapon you loaded heavy shells
into. Stacks additively with bonus damage from using Armament Damage modules.
  • +25% Damage;
  • ‘G’ - load Munitions.

Unclear Device
An Unclear Device is a consumable available exclusively at Winter's Reside. It can be used to hide from enemies for 15 seconds, activation increases Terror by 5. Note: turning the Floodlight on or attacking will immediately remove the shroud!
  • 15 seconds of invisibility;
  • +5 Terror;
  • ‘Z’ - Activate an Unclear Device.

Steam Deck Installation and Control Scheme
temptreatise figured how to launch the Mod on Steam Deck: "I had the GOG version, so I used Lutris to install Sunless Skies. With Lutris, the paths are same as Windows, since Lutris uses Wine. Then I just made sure I installed the correct .NET framework needed using Winetricks/Prototricks. Then finally made sure to turn on dll override to get the mod working properly."

temptreatise also figured how map mod control buttons to Steam controller controller: "since you can use scouts with both left and right dpad, I make it so holding left dpad and moving the right analog stick brings up radial menu. I created a radial menu for the keys I needed using Steam input."

Modmaking Writers
The team:

Desblat - project lead;
The Nameless Poet - writer;
The Zodiac36Gold - writer;
Gay Coffee - writer;
Elizabeth Hellsing - writer, proofreader and editor;
Feivelyn- writer, coder and artist, (Devian art:

Contributors & Contributions
People whose stories or images are included in the mod:

The Nameless Poet - a vast variety of stories across the mod;
The Zodiac36Gold - many small stories and ideas across the mod;
Gay Coffee - the Moonlit Bar and a little more;
Nanako - AI artist, who created great many images for the mod, check out her Devian art:;
Sephira Jo||Santa Muerte - Scorn Fluke looting and a little more;
Hespiderean Cheesemonger - Seven texts on the Liberation of the Night at the Winter's Reside and various images inspired by his works;
CometDeer - interactions with other vessels in the skies.
edgyfuckknownasashiro?! - Xanadu Outrider looting events;

Honorable mentions
Many thanks and my best regards go to:

May - taught me how to work with code injection, which is crucial to the most functions of the mod;
Saltlord - offered a writing advice and gave moral support when things were grim;
Exotico - explained some deep and obscure code-related things;
Mein - helped with proofreading most of the things the mod offers;
Res - helped with proofreading new modules the mod offers;
Deepdark- helped with proofreading of the new locations at the Winter's Reside;
MagicJinn- helped to create some cool images with Stable Diffusion.
Nodus Cursorius - gave important intel on how locomotive physics works;
Silverias- playtesting of the Ramming Weapon.
fishingbrick - proofreading of several vast stories for the mod.
Ismavolt - tester.
Babbit8 - tester.
Moffassa - tester.
Failbetter Games Community - chilliest community out there, you folk are fantastic.

Brought to you by Desblat aka the Overzelous Modmaker

Stuff planned for future updates:

1) Unique Honking events for each faction locomotive;
2) Board enemy locomotives and fend off boardingy parties (90% already written, but not implemented);
3) Bosses: the Timeless Dreadnought, the King Cantankery, the Dawn Fluke (still not sure how to make them);
4) Pan Lodgings;
5) Massive locomotive battles (I made a code-mechanical foundation, but nothing beyond that);
6) 10+ more locomotives to find and sail;
7) More new enemies: Dawn Fluke, Glassified Fluke, Heavy Douser, White Marauder;

You may find me on Failbetter Games Discord or by this name Desblat_17#2099