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Mod for changing speed of day/night cycle. It's like daynightspeed console command, only better. See the description for details.

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You can now change speed of day/night cycle in mods options menu. You also can use daynightspeed command as usual.

Major differences from vanilla daynightspeed command:
  • Speed is now restored to selected value after you load the game or sleep in the game
  • Power consumption/charging rate is now not affected by day/night speed
  • Crafting times are now not affected by day/night speed
  • Scanner room scanning speed is now not affected by day/night speed
  • Hunger/thirst rates are now affected by day/night speed
  • Various story events bugs related to change of day/night speed are fixed

In addition, you can adjust rates of some long processes that are affected by day/night speed. You can edit this values in config.json in mod folder or in mod options menu. As with day/night speed, the bigger the multiplier is the quicker the process will be.
You can see effect of the selected values on tooltips in mod options menu. All changes you make in options menu will apply immediately.

  • speedHungerThirst : hunger and thirst rate
  • speedPlantsGrow : plants growth speed (growbeds and pots)
  • speedEggsHatching : eggs hatch speed (alien containment)
  • speedCreaturesGrow : creatures growth speed (alien containment)
  • speedMedkitInterval : medkit fabrication speed (medical kit fabricator)
  • speedPowerCharge : charging/generating power rate (battery chargers and all power generators)
  • speedPowerConsume : power consuming rate (various lights (incl. flashlight and seaglide light), habitat rooms and water filtering machines, doesn't include tools and other power consuming stuff)
  • speedFoodDecay : food decaying speed
  • speedFiltrationMachine : water/salt filtration speed (water filtration machine)
  • speedStillsuitWater : stillsuit water capturing speed


Extract the archive into your QMods folder

Update check:
This mod checks for updates periodically via the internet.
You can disable it in the mod.json (set "UpdateCheck" to false).

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