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Shows if a storage container is empty, full, or partially full without opening it.

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Storage Info - at a Glance

In Subnautica, only empty containers relay their status to the player. With this mod containers will always show if they are:
  • Empty
  • Full
  • Have a certain amount of items, but aren't full

1. Install BepInEx for Subnautica
2. Install Nautilus
3. Download the latest zip file from the Files tab
4. Unzip the contents of the zip to the game's main directory (where Subnautica.exe can be found)

(Optional) Translation:
1. Navigate to ...\Subnautica\BepInEx\plugins\StorageInfo\Languages
2. Copy English.json and change the file name to match your language.
** Valid language names are found in ...\Subnautica\Subnautica_Data\StreamingAssets\SNUnmanagedData\LanguageFiles
3. Translate the file. Do not touch the keys ("ContainerFull"), only the values ("full")
4. Share the file with me on GitHub or in a Nexus private message

  • Q. Does this mod support the latest Subnautica update?
  • A. Yes. Tested Feb. 2024 (BepInEx + Nautilus)
  • Q. Is this mod safe to add or remove from an existing save?
  • A. Yes
  • Q. Does this mod have any known conflicts?
  • A. No, unless some other mod patches StorageContainer.OnHandHover and doesn't play nice

Source code can be found here. (Link: GitHub)

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Using Nautilus
Translations by acidscorch, mstislavovich, Yanuut, Zemogiter