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Upgrade smlhelper 2.9
The surface is no longer breathable and has been taken over by radiation, the island no longer provides. The ship is determined to kill you.

Added the ability to Config the settings in the options or in the Config file.

Permissions and credits
* Werner's Radiation Challenge taken from Here

  1.  "At the moment of explosion I have to be in a built shelter >50m underwater, otherwise I die from the shockwave."
  2. "Since the explosion I cannot fabricate any food or drinks in the rescue pod (it is contaminated), nevertheless I can fabricate another components for completing my shelter (e.g. computer parts for the new fabricator)"
  3. "After explosion I cannot directly breath the fresh air from above the surface, as it is contaminated. I can use pipes or powered shelters."
  4. "After explosion I cannot go higher than 30m below surface, because of the radiation. I can do this after I have built a radiation suit."
  5. "The unlocked recipes for power generators I use only once - and then forget. So, if I want to use more bio reactors, I must find and scan its parts once again. The same for the other power generators. It forces me to carefully manage my power resources and to distribute them between different bases."
  6. "I can go above the surface, breath the fresh air and collect the plant seeds only after I have fixed the aurora power core. I cannot directly eat the fruits that I find on the island (they are contaminated), I must grow my own ones."

With the exception of 5 which will not be added, doesn't this sound like an interesting challenge?

What the mod does

* Explosion
  - You must be below 50m when aurora explodes, or you will die. You do not need to be in a base.

* Breathing
  - You cannot breathe the surface air while it is radioactive.
  - You can use floating air pumps, but not near the radioactive ship due to risks of contamination.
  - You can breathe the air inside the lifepod you spawn in.

* Power
  - Power is consumed 5x faster in radioactive areas.
  - Power is generated 5x slower in radioactive areas.

* Food
  - You cannot gather food from the floating island until you've sealed the leaks, even if the ship hasn't exploded yet.
  - The lifepod cannot craft any eatables once the ship has exploded.

* Radiation
  - When the ship explodes, radiation will cover the surface of the map up to 30-60m deep. The stronger the radiation is, the deeper it goes.
  - Radiation Symbol will always display (unless disabled in config) when inside radiation. Helps when you're using a machine.
  - The lifepod when repaired and powered, will protect you from radiation.

And remember, sealing the leaks will clear the radiation.

You can modify the config to modify the aspects you don't like, though you should be turning it up; Not down.

QMods Installation:
  1. Download and install QMods
  2. Extract the downloaded zip to your Subnautica install directory
  3. Run the game

Radiation Challenge Realistic (power increase drain always no matter if your in the radiation area)
for an increased challenge use this version of the mod .

Explosion Time (Ship always explodes at the same time)
for an increased challenge use this version of the mod .

Source can be found here