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Maximum Graphical Settings for Stray.

Permissions and credits
Maximum non-Manifest setting for Stray. Family Reunion and Quest Closure not included.

Things Added:

Settings are set for 10bit color@4K, using -dx12.  Bear in mind the game's default renderer is DX11.

per usual, you are expected to conform said configs to your specific hardware and to be realistic in your expectations thereof:

Things added

SSS: This will only show up in two sections of the game. Since you have fur, this setting is for... other folks, not for you.
ACES Tonemapping:
True Volumetric Fog 2D is now 2.5D; yes it's more atmospheric, and yes it will hella block your vision if you're at the right angle.
Screen Space Color Matched Shading and Bloom: Goes with the ACES for neato shading on all those slat covered light walls. Spoooky.
HBAO:The fanciest of AOs. No more weird gray halos.
Whole Screen Shadows: Pretty self explanatory

Things removed

Chromatic Abberation:Kind of droll they have colorblind item coding and then still keep this. Why.
Film Grain: You know what isn't cinematic? Getting a migraine.
AA: At resolutions over 1080 TAA is bad, and FXAA is worse, and those are the only options you get. No thanks. I don't need blur in my blur so I
can blur while I blur.
DoF: See above.