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The Aristocat herself.

Permissions and credits
Original model by h.a.n.d./Bandai Namco Studios
Converted to Stray by Huckleberrypie

Everybody wants to be a cat, and I thought I should port Marie from The Aristocats into this game as it reminded me of when my folks went to Tokyo Disneyland some years ago. Apparently she has quite the following in Japan due to their propensity for everything kawaii, to the point that special merchandise and even a spinoff manga was released there based on the character.

And yes, I am aware that the original film does have its less-than-pleasant moments like racist stereotypes of Asians and all, but that wasn't my intent anyway; it was a product of its time not unlike Mickey Rooney's Japanese caricature whom he later regretted and sincerely apologised.

For best results I highly recommend using the no-backpack mod by crubino. I've also included the source Blender files in a separate folder for those interested in porting or making edits to this mod. Also since there's just one cat model used across all cat actors in the game, the other cats in the prologue will use the same Marie mesh; it is however possible to replace them with unique cats as seen in ToastedShoes' mod video though.

Special thanks to justas, mojotherising, Mayor of Flavortown, Blink of an Oj and the dudes over at the SIFU, Glacier 2.0 Modding and Yakuza Discord servers for helping out on this mod.

TERMS OF USE: Feel free to use this mod in whichever content you want to do on YouTube, Twitch or whatever, but please give me credit and leave a link to the original download page. You may modify, port or retexture the mod, but you may not use this on anything of pornographic or otherwise grossly disturbing nature, as well as those that may be deceptively directed towards children aka "Spiderman" "Hulk" or "Elsa" videos.

CONTENT DISCLAIMER/FOR PARENTS: This mod is for mature players only and is made for parodic purposes which falls under Fair Use. Due to the graphic nature of this game, this is definitely not intended for small children or sensitive audiences. I am not responsible for any ruined childhoods that may ensue from this mod. Any so-called "kids videos" using this mod are not my work and I have absolutely nothing to do with them. Please guide your children about internet use accordingly and observe proper judgement online.