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A retexture mod for Stranded Deep, made with the wish to not change the original assets.
It might have an impact on performance (obviously), and was successfully tested on an i5 6600K + GeForce 1070

Compatible with my other mods

Permissions and credits
Version 2 : Vivid Wrecks (0.0.2 BETA)

Warning : using all textures requires about 10-12GB RAM for preloading, you may disable the texture packs with the options below

Almost every object has been retextured

Here are the available options :

Basically, you may choose to use what i consider "finalized" textures only, or every single one (some may be more experimental, or shaders may be a little broken, but nothing will really be ugly). Default on start is "Finalized Only" checked.

Then you may choose every object category to use, this is mostly an option for little available RAM, here are the packs, sorted by "biggest" to "lowest"

  • Wrecks (VERY big)
  • Items (Quite fatty too)
  • Sea (Quite fatty too)
  • Rocks
  • Plants
  • Structures
  • Player
  • Animals

If your game does not even start with default options, you may still edit the config file called StrandedDeep2KMod.config in your Data folder (%/AppData/LocalLow/Beam Team Games/Stranded Deep/Data) :

The options are pretty straightforward.
The first thing the mod does on launch is writing this file, so don't worry if  it crashes.

Version 1 : Living Ocean (0.0.1)

I hope you'll enjoy this early version of the retexture mod !

Be aware that it is a massive work in progress, I'll post update when new items will have been finished.

Items handled for now :

Ocean objects
  • A lot more fishes (option available)
  • Table corals OK
  • Tube corals OK
  • Fan corals OK
  • Coral bushes OK
  • Turtle OK
  • Seaweeds WIP
  • Brain corals WIP
  • Coral rocks WIP
  • Green Kelp OK
  • Brown Kelp WIP
  • Urchins OK
  • Staghorn corals WIP
  • Water splash wreck marker OK

Land objects
  • Palmtrees OK
  • Falling leaves OK
  • Cloth / Tarp WIP
  • Barrel WIP
  • Ficuses WIP
  • Bushes WIP (this one's a mess)
  • Corrugated scrap WIP
  • Stick WIP
  • Wreckage plank WIP
  • Driftwood pile WIP

Any feeback more than welcome