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This mod will deliver:
+ 30% late-game performance (less pops that do nothing = less lag)
Less late-game micromanagement (planets that require so much attention that you can't even play. )
eliminates ai overcrowding which caused it to underperform in some cases.
planets that require so much attention that you can't even play.

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This mod does not allow pops to grow when there are no more houses, the game is perfectly playable and ai handles it well
also this mod increases late-game performance by crazy amounts, performance tested with 1000 stars galaxy max empires and 0.25 habitable planets

the reason behind this is that ai become overpopulated too and the game lagg is connected with pop the more pops the more lagg.
the game was playable till late game Crysis as you can see in the video the clock goes smooth, and none of ai empires have sick overpopulation

Also, this mod reduces the amount of planet babysitting, if you match housing with jobs you can forget planet for good never needing to go on  it again (perfect example is nova ring world section in the video)

also not forget to provide them with housing :D