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Adds a button to the base radio to send your community members out to gather any rucksack resource, parts or prestige at a cost.

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The daybreak blueprint unlocks are currently broken but everything else works.

This mod helps you utilize extra labor you might have for certain tasks.  Below I will list the tasks and their costs as well as yield in Lethal Zone, standard and lethal values included in pictures.

The yields are based on rucksack values on lethal zone and will not be increased by default in lower difficulties. Only parts, fuel, and ammo costs are reduced in lower difficulties. I spent quite a lot of time trying to balance these values for lethal zone. I really hope you enjoy this and it doesn't feel like you're cheating but just have new options for obtaining and spending resources!

Additionally certain leaders will cut the run times in half.  Base run speed for everything is 60mins except prestige which is 2 hours and it does not have a leader bonus to reduce the time. Everything requires water, prestige requires power as well. If this mod does well I'll consider making different versions based on community feedback. Making a version that has reduced time values/removed or changed resource cost values is easy, also changing the yields is quite easy.

  • Ammo x6 - 1 food, 2 ammo, 20 parts Warlord - 2 labor - 1hr/30mins
  • Food x4 - 1 food, 2 ammo, 20 parts - Trader - 2 labor - 1hr/30mins
  • Fuel x4 - 1 food, 2 ammo, 20 parts - Warlord - 2 labor - 1hr/30mins
  • Materials x5 - 1 food, 2 ammo, 20 parts - Builder -2 labor - 1hr/30mins
  • Meds x4 - 1 food, 2 ammo, 20 parts - Sheriff - 2 labor - 1hr/30mins
  • Parts x250 - 1 food, 2 ammo, 20 parts - Builder - 2 labor - 1hr/30mins
  • Prestige x500 - 2 fuel, 1 food, 1 meds, 1 Ammo - No leader buff - 1 labor (power and water) - 2hrs
Steam & Epic Users:
Windows Users:
The Steam/Epic location is a kind-of "universal" path that the MS version will occasionally use. Make sure to also check there, if you cannot find/don't have the MS path listed above.
Copy the path above, then press the Windows Key + R on your keyboard to open the Run command window. Paste the path there, and press Enter
If you do not already have one create a Paks folder. To install simply drop downloaded Pak mods into the Paks folder then start the game and enjoy

If you are using multiple mods I recommend using Heilos's Mod Manager.

This mod was only made possible by fellow creators and you can find us in the SoD2 Modding Discord, thanks everyone!