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Added: 18/02/2014 - 05:58AM
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Name: No More Tutorial Tips
Version: 1.01
Date: 10-02-2014
Author: Mystyk (star-mystyk)
Release Thread

Note: YOSE version is done and is now available as a separate file on the Files page.

Removes the Tips shown at the bottom of the screen over a blue banner while doing various things in game. After countless hours I'm pretty sure we all know how to crouch and move into a bush to hide, how to sprint, and how to drive a car, among other new player tutorial tips.
The blue bannered graphic underneath the words has also been removed.

Thanks to iLLcAtTiViSsiMo for explaining where I could remove the big blank box that used to pop up once per play session - when you opened your first container and the locker.

The 'new' way of editing the file is largely thanks to J3AN P3T3R. At first I thought it a bit overkill, and possibly prone to problems but, it works and saves all that unneccessary fiddling with individual lines (and my dodgy mouse wheel that is on its way out and doesn't scroll properly).

Red Banner Removed is also included.

A new game is not required. Works on existing saves.

Add the contents of the Game folder to *your* Game folder.
If you already have a file due to another mod, or whatnot, move it someplace else before adding this mod to your game directory as mine will overwrite.

It's not really recommended for new players to the game. If you still need the game to tell you which button to press for an action, what something in the journal means then you're better off learning more how the game works, how to play first. I've been playing since early 2014 and put over 950 hours into it so far. In that time some things annoy me, some things I wanted different, so I modded it.
When you play for a good amount of time something might irritate you so you go looking for a mod, or you end up making it yourself.
If you're a new player I recommend playing completely unmodded, finishing Storymode (which is basically a tutorial itself), and then you'll have a better idea of what you want changed and can start looking at making a mod, or downloading someone else's.

Made for Breakdown. But, it'll work for the other modes as well.

Add the contents of the Game folder to *your* Game folder.
(Extract the archive to your desktop. You'll end up with a Game folder and a readme text file)

Steam-SteamApps-common-State of Decay-Game
Steam-SteamApps-common-State of Decay YOSE-Game

Each archive has the folder structure for Breakdown.
If you want to use the files for the other modes you'll need to copy into the other directories.

Copy to

Copy to

(If no libs, or higher, folders exist, create them!)

Re-extract the archive(s) and compare the files against the ones in your local SoD and YOSE Game directories.

Tools Used:

My Other Mods:

My mods are not to be re-uploaded onto other sites without my permission. Likewise for "editing," "fixing," then re-uploading.