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Name: No Beans
Version: 1.0
Release Date: 21-06-2015
Author: Mystyk (star-mystyk)

Prevents the 'eating beans' animation by everybody when they're at home, lazing around. Now they make use of the books around the place, and read instead. They do still eat apples and drink from water bottles, those animations haven't been altered.

I tend to collect people and, in conjunction with my other mod (Skilled Survivors) that can be quite a few people hanging out at home. One or two doing the same animation is fine but, not when there's a dozen all in the one area (more noticeable in smaller homesites), all slurping from cans at the same time.

SoD Original and/or SoD YOSE.
Both Storymode and Breakdown.
It might work for Lifeline but, I don't play it anymore so couldn't say.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location (eg. Your Desktop)
2. You'll end up with a folder named No Beans (plus this Readme file)
3. Inside No Beans folder are two more folders - SoD Original and SoD YOSE.
4. Open either, or both, and copy the contents into your Game folder(s) -
Steam--SteamApps--common--State of Decay--Game
Steam--SteamApps--common--State of Decay YOSE--Game

Delete the win.bmd file:

Tools Used:

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