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DLC weapons in all modes.

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For original State of Decay only. Not to be used with Year One Survival Edition (YOSE)!

This mod allows all of the melee weapons and guns from the Breakdown and Lifeline DLCs to spawn in all three game modes, rather than just their own. They've all been added to the appropriate loot lists so they can be found in searchable containers throughout Trumbull Valley.



In addition:

* Breakdown weapons are no longer twice as likely to spawn as the original ones. This means we'll no longer find a dozen PP22s, Fifty Sevens, Hi-Powers, etc. for every other gun we find; they all have the same chance, who knows what you'll find?

* Certain vanilla guns like the M249 light machine gun and BZ 75 ST were previously missing from the loot lists entirely, they've been re-added and are now able to spawn in the appropriate places.

It should go without saying, but this mod requires that you own the Breakdown and Lifeline DLCs. This mod doesn't include the weapons' models, textures or sounds, so trying to use it without those necessary assets will not work and may cause the game to crash.

Also, please note that a new game is required (sort of). It should be perfectly safe to use this mod on an existing savegame, but the new weapons probably won't appear in containers until the map (and its loot) are refreshed. That means a new game in Vanilla, but in Breakdown all you have to do is move up to the next level.

This mod is suitable for the original State of Decay, but not the Year One Survival Edition (YOSE). This is because YOSE integrates the DLC weapons into the rest of the game by itself, so this mod's changes are redundant. In addition, many of the weapon models are located in different places in YOSE, so loading my mod with YOSE will cause errors.

This mod changes the following files:

/game/scripts/entities/items/xml/weapons/*.xml (40 Lifeline weapon .xmls)

The source .xmls are also included.

NOTE: The weapon .xmls are unchanged, they're only included because they have to be in a different place for Vanilla and Breakdown to be able to find them. They were originally located in:

Extract the 'game' folder and all of its contents to /Steam/Steamapps/common/State of Decay

Remove all of the files listed under CONTENTS.

SoD Extraction Tools

v0.1 - initial release
v0.2 - current version (minor fixes)

Lu_Shen requested this mod.
Thanks to SwissArmyKnife for the name suggestion, I was stuck for ideas. Thanks man!

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