Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
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No Intro fix to start the game slightly faster. Pre-configured config files to do some basic Graphics tweaks. Developer Console Unlock Guide.

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No Intro fix and modified config files to disable/change some settings. 

No Intro:

Changes the DefaultGame.ini file to disable the intro videos (Respawn, EA, Lucasfilm logos) - but still displays the loading loop video until the menu is loaded.

Alternative method: Remove the two DefaultStartup mp4 files in: SwGame\Content\Movies 
The game will display a black screen while loading the menu but the result will be the same.

On my PC the game loads around 20 seconds faster with no intro.

Modded Config files:

Contains some basic changes, for more use the Console: How to enable the UE4 Developer Console
You can also make your own config file: How to make your own DefaultEngine.INI Mod

EngineINI folder - Engine.ini MODS (copy only ONE file):

CustomEngine: Disables Motion Blur, Depth of Field, Bloom, also sets MaxAnisotropy to 16x.
CustomEngineNoAA: All the above + Disabled AA - can be useful for Reshade mods with custom Anti-Aliasing settings.
CustomEngineNoMB: Disables just the Motion Blur.

Turning off motion blur from .ini also fixes the lightsaber artifacting issue when rotating the camera:  MB OFF (menu) - MB OFF (mod)

CAS_Sharpening folder - CAS - Contrast Adaptive Sharpening MODS (copy only ONE file):

Increases the sharpening strength when Post Processing Quality is set to High or Epic: Outside | Inside
The default is 0 (-1 when PP set to Medium), the mod has 0.5 and 1.0, I suggest trying 0.5 first.

CustomInput - Input.ini MOD: Both Tab and ~ can be used to activate the Developer console, unmaps the F11 key from toggling Fullscreen mode, Disables mouse smoothing.


Extract the the rar and copy the .pak files to: 

Jedi Fallen Order\SwGame\Content\Paks

Remove the .pak files to uninstall the modifications.

An example of how it should look: Paks folder

Notes: I noticed that the game can load pak files from subfolders as well. While this won't affect functionality, it should allow better organization, since you can place all modded files in one folder instead of mixing them with the game files.
The folder should be named so its content is loaded last, after the original Pakchunks:

Reshade Preset:

Added a Reshade preset with some very basic color, brightness and sharpening tweaks (with SmartSharp shader). 

Install Reshade - select starwarsjedifallenorder.exe (located in Jedi Fallen Order\SwGame\Binaries\Win64), Direct3D 11 and download shaders when the Installer asks.

When it's done, extract the files from "jfo_reshadepreset" next to the game's executable.

Screenshots: Outside | Inside

Notes: Reshade is incompatible with Origin Overlay, disable Origin Overlay when using Reshade otherwise your mouse+kb won't work in-game.