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A tool that allows you to randomize or replace enemies in the game

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This tool allows you to randomize or replace not only enemies but every AI in the game.

You may replace every AI in the game with Oggdo Bogdo if you wish.
Or specifically replace Stormtroopers with Gonk Droids.
Or simply randomize everything.

While it's been fun, it's been very complex and draining for me to code; I don't think I'll add more functionalities to it.

Please report issues encountered with the tool or with a specific AI swap.
Backup your save and use at your own risk
  • Unzip the zip
  • Run the exe 
  • Do you edits
  • Click "Pak" button
  • pakchunk-EnemyRandomizer_99_P.pak has been created where the .exe is located
  • Place that pak file in Jedi Fallen Order\SwGame\Content\Paks
  • Enjoy

(Don't touch pakchunk-EnemyRandomizer_0_P.pak, it needs to be in the same folder as the exe and have that name)

  • Lock Checkboxes = Means the AI won't be affected by the randomizer
  • Rand Checkboxes = Means the AI won't be used by the randomizer
  • Reset = Resets every AI to their original self
  • Randomize = Randomizes AIs with Lock disabled using the AIs with Rand enabled.
  • Use Killable Only = Only AIs you can kill will get affected and be used by the randomizer
  • Lock Important = Will prevent the randomizer front replacing important characters
  • Pak = Generates the pak file
  • All Row = Sets the value for every unlocked AI

  • The tool can take a few seconds to load
  • Not every AI has been tested, some behaviors are unknown
  • (no aim) means the AI can't damage you or even shoot in your direction
  • Replacing important characters in general may lead to issues.
  • Many AI are only idle and won't attack you

Do share what you discover so I can add the info here.
  • Ninth Sister(MT) doesn't have a lightsaber blade
  • Bounty Hunters can send you back to Ordo Eris which will break your save game
  • Replacing BD-1 will break a lot of things (no heal, no rope slide, no overcharge, etc)ç
  • Replacing Albino Wyyyschokk will block your progression on Ordo Eris (only Albino can open the final arena gate)

Credits to Vergilfox for finding the AI swap method

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