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Gives more options for Cal's voice!

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kboykboy and I worked super hard to figure out how to successfully manipulate the audio of the game's dialogue. And tremendous thanks to AlexPo for helping out along the way to the very last step! But onto the mod:

Customize Cal's voice with any of these options:
  • Masked Cal Voice: Deepens and distorts Cal's voice, giving him the impression of wearing a mask like Kylo Ren's. Works really well with the Kylo Ren and Darth Revan mods by AlexPo.
  • Muted Cal Voice: Mutes Cal's voice (KOTOR style), leaving it up to your imagination. Works well with any mod that sounds wrong with Cal's normal voice.
  • Grievous/Cyborg Cal Voice: This is what Cal would sound like if he was a cyborg. Gives Cal a deeper and more robotic voice. Works well with the General Grievous mod by Spoongus.
  • Stormtrooper/Mando Cal Voice (Subtitles Recommended): Muffles Cal's voice to simulate the auditory effect when wearing a stormtrooper helmet. Works well with The Mandalorian and Troopers mods by AlexPo.
  • Older/Cad Bane Cal Voice (NEW): Deepens Cal’s voice slightly and makes it more raspy. It begins to sound very synthesized at higher and louder frequencies but still sounds pretty cool (similar to Cad Bane). Works well with any mod that changes Cal into an older male.

  • 5% of Cal’s lines could not be identified so these effects will only apply to the other 95% of Cal’s dialogue.
  • Only one Cal voice changer will work at a time.
  • Only works in English (US)

Installation: Extract the .pak file from the downloaded .rar/zip file into Jedi: Fallen Order's Paks folder.
Uninstallation: Delete the appropriate .pak file from Jedi: Fallen Order's Paks folder.

Troubleshooting Tips:
  • Make sure the mod is extracted in the correct file location (directly in the paks folder, not in a separate mods folder)
  • Add a “z” after “pakchunk99-“ and before the mod name like so: “pakchunk99-z[modname].pak”
  • Add “_99_p” after the mod name and before “.pak” like so: “pakchunk99-z[modname]_99_p.pak”
  • Post your problem on this mod page (only if you have already tried the previous 3 tips and still can’t get it to work properly)

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