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Better Call Cal. A complete Cal overhaul.

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Better Call Cal

Well, ladies and gentlemen here we are. The end of the road. Its been a good ride. From mod author, to public offender and back again. Full circle. It seems like only yesterday, day 2 after launch of Jedi: Fallen Order when first Scrapper Cal crept onto the big screen. Full of bugs, we played on....fear of crashes, we played on...random weird orange hair strands ruining those oh-so intimate cutscene, we played on. Public twitter rants from B list celebrities about our apparent ginger shaming....we...played...on. With our relentless desire to succeed, through convoluted redundant texture injections and hours lost hand picking through thousands of textures and frustrating Youtube tutorials trying to figure out how the hell to get Resorep and Special K to work properly, we have now come to this. Better Call Cal 3.0 is LIVE!!!!!

With 3.0 we no longer need be oppressed by the frustrations and limitations of third party software! We no longer need be restricted from ReShading our games into blurry, hazy, bloomy, incomprehensible works of art! We no longer need to pull our hair out in frustration of ingrate mod users demanding 'how to' tutorials (we will still probably have a few of those)! All we need is a mouse, and a finger! We  can now enjoy simple, easy, drag and drop, set it and forget it, oh-so reliable .pak files!

Take your pick ladies and gents, from Scrapper Cal, Hipster Cal or Greaser Cal, with new and improved textures including:

-No more stray orange hairs!
-New and improved hairline!
-New scar textures with less facial hair around the scar!

Take your pick from a new slew of optional mods including:

-New Jora Tapal with flesh colored skin and brown robes!
-New Greeze jacket, cuz...I dont even know what the f*** he was wearing before!
-New BD-1 textures that turn our favorite buddy into a more neutral grey metal droid!
-New Mantis textures that turn the Mantis into a neutral gray ship like almost every single other ship you saw in Star Wars until Disney screwed everything up and made s*** all f****** colorful and s***!
-New jacket options featuring an olive jacket with dark orange blast padding and the option of blue or khaki pants!
-New work pancho  featuring brown leather pancho and straps with orange accents!
-New Cortosis battle armor!

The time has come friends, the wait is over! 3.0 HERE WE GO!

Thanks to all the help from other mod authors in getting this figured out. Thanks to the gamers who have helped keep others informed and helped figuring out 'the old way'. Thanks for sticking with me for the ride. Anyone who wants to help give back, like and support the mod, fallow me on twitter for info on upcoming releases, and upload some screenshots so people can see all the hard work, cuz I'm too lazy for that s*** and I just want to do another play through. Enjoy!