Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

About this mod

Movie Clone Troopers brings the look of Clone Troopers from AOTC and ROTS into Battlefront 2. Adding content from the movies, The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch and legends. With over 100 files you can customize your experience, ranging from Phase 1 and 2 Shinies to Galactic Marines and AT-RT Drivers.

Permissions and credits
Movie Clone Troopers brings the look of Clone Troopers from AOTC and ROTS into Battlefront 2. Adding content from the movies, The Clone Wars, The Bad Batch and legends. With over 100 files you can customize your experience, ranging from Phase 1 and 2 Shinies to Galactic Marines and AT-RT Drivers.

Important: All files in this mod are MP Safe. This mod makes use of Frosty's Collections feature and was made for the latest public version of the Mod Manager. Every mod includes a description what it replaces, if it has to be loaded in a certain order and possible conflicts.

Base File Collection:

Base File:

  • New textures and edited proportions for Clone armor and gear to mimic their look seen in AOTC and ROTS
  • Adds missing details to the 41st Scout Battalion helmet and makes it slightly larger
  • New portraits for announcers and reinforcements

Markings Rework:
  • New marking patterns, camo textures and colors remade from scratch for accuracy to the source material
  • Each class now use the same markings
  • A variety of issues from the vanilla game have been fixed
  • New portrait for the Clone Jet Trooper

Gear Rework:
  • New gear models and textures made from scratch
  • Each class now uses gear seen in ROTS and is uniform for each class
  • All gear from Phase 1 Clones has been removed

Add-on Collection:
  • 2nd Airborne Company
  • 5th Fleet Paratrooper
  • 5th Fleet Security
  • 7th Legion
  • 13th Battalion over the 104th Battalion
  • 13th Battalion
  • 38th Armored Division
  • 41st Elite Corps (Coruscant)
  • 41st Elite Corps AT-RT Driver
  • 50Cursed
  • 91st Recon Corps (ROTS Concept Art)
  • 104th Battalion (Season 1)
  • 104th Battalion (Season 3)
  • 104th Battalion ARF Trooper
  • 104th Battalion Jet Trooper
  • 187th Battalion Jet Trooper
  • 187th Battalion
  • 187th Legion Paratrooper
  • 187th Legion
  • 212th Attack Battalion (ROTS Concept Art)
  • 212th Attack Battalion and Battlefront 2 2005 (ROTS Concept Art) Jet Troopers
  • 212th Attack Battalion ARF Trooper
  • 212th Attack Battalion AT-RT Driver
  • 212th Attack Battalion - Breathmask
  • 212th Attack Battalion Commando
  • 212th Attack Battalion Jet Trooper (ROTS Concept Art)
  • 212th Attack Battalion Jet Trooper
  • 212th Attack Battalion - Umbara
  • 212th Cold Assault Trooper
  • 212th Recon Division Commando
  • 212th Scout Division
  • 332nd Company Jet Trooper
  • 332nd Company
  • 442nd Siege Battalion over the 104th Battlion
  • 442nd Siege Battalion
  • 501st Cold Assault Trooper
  • 501st Legion ARF Trooper
  • 501st Legion AT-RT Driver
  • 501st Legion - Breathmask
  • 501st Legion Commando
  • 501st Legion Paratrooper
  • 501st Legion - Umbara
  • 501st Legion Phase 1 Jet Trooper
  • 501st Scout Division
  • Attack of the Clones Officers
  • Battlefront 2 2005 Jet Trooper (ROTS Concept Art)
  • Clone Commando Scorch
  • Cody's Squad
  • Desert Airborne Trooper
  • Desert Special Ops Trooper
  • Fil's Squad
  • Galactic Marine
  • Heavy Marine
  • Holstered DC-17s for the Gear Rework
  • Horn Company
  • Imperial Royal Guard Commando
  • Improved DC-15 - Stance Change
  • Improved DC-15
  • Improved DC-15A - Accurate Size
  • Improved DC-15A
  • Improved Navy Officer - No Cap Add-on
  • Improved Navy Officer
  • K-Company
  • Kamino Security over the 104th Battalion
  • Kamino Security
  • Lightning Squadron
  • Night Ops Commando
  • Improved Navy Officer - Open Circle Fleet
  • Outer Rim Garrison over the 104th Battalion
  • Outer Rim Garrison
  • Phase 1 Pilot
  • Phase 2 Pilot
  • Phase 2 501st Pilot
  • Phase 2 Shiny Pilot
  • Phase 2 91st Recon Corps
  • Rancor Battalion
  • Reflective Visors
  • Rex's Squad
  • Riot Trooper
  • Shadow Marine
  • Shiny AT-RT Driver
  • Shiny Cold Assault Trooper
  • Shiny Jet Troopers
  • Shiny Marine
  • Shiny Paratrooper
  • Shiny Scout Trooper
  • Shiny Special Ops Trooper
  • Stealth Special Ops Trooper
  • Urban Recon Regiment

ARC Trooper Rework Collection:
  • New ARC Trooper Gear inspired by the gear worn in ROTS
  • Default Appearances are now Phase 1 and Phase 2 Shinies, all other Phase 1 appearances have been removed and other skins are replaced with a 212th Attack Battalion, a 501st Legion and a Coruscant Guard ARC Troopers
  • New portrait for the ARC Trooper

  • Backpack Remover
  • Default Skin Restauration
  • ARC Trooper Legion
  • 13th Battalion ARC Trooper
  • 38th Armored Division ARC Trooper
  • 41st Elite Corps ARC Trooper
  • 91st Recon Corps ARC Trooper
  • 104th Battalion ARC Trooper
  • 187th Battalion ARC Trooper

Personal File Collection:
  • Unique Class Markings: 212th Attack Battalion, 501st Legion and the Coruscant Guard and the 104th Battalion receive markings unique to each class
  • 41st Ranger Platoon Rework: Replaces the Phase 2 41st Ranger Platoon with a look inspired by Commander Gree, Fireball and Nemec (Phase 1 41st Ranger Platoon and the PM/IA Republic Gunner skins are not affected. This mod also uses mesh duping which based on previous experiences and tests should be MP-Safe)
  • 19th Fleet Security

Battlefront Plus V8 Compatibility Patch:
  • PM/IA Clone Engineer Compatiblity Patch
  • PM/IA Clone Sharpshooter Compatiblity Patch
  • PM/IA Republic Gunner Compatiblity Patch
  • PM/IA Purge Trooper Compatiblity Patch
  • PM/IA Captain Rex Compatiblity Patch
  • PM/IA New Appearances - Troopers Compatibility Patch

IAO XL Compatibility Patch:
  • To make BF+ and IAO XL work with MCT this additional patch is required. Make sure that MCT in this case is loaded above IAO XL and Battlefront Plus and to place the IAO XL Compatibility Patch below the Battlefront Plus Compatibility Patch.

Known Issues:
  • Some models may have low res textures when launching the game, once joining a match they will appear fine

Credits and Thanks:
  • Chucky: Renders, Markings textures used for the 38th Armored Division, 5th Fleet Security Helmet, 7th Legion, Imperial Royal Guard Commando and 212th Attack Battalion and 501st Legion Commandos, Further more Chucky helped me with decision making and gave me ideas for some content. Without him this project would have never been as extensive as it now is. Thank you!
  • CosmicDreams: Frosty Support, BF2 Nodegroups for Blender, Venator Hallway set up
  • Dyvinia: Frosty Support
  • Mophead: Frosty Support
  • Vinh: Renders
  • wannkunstbeikor: Frosty Support
  • aniltan_k: In-game Captures
  • Lazerweaver: In-game Captures
  • AScreamingRoomba: In-game Captures