Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)

About this mod

The IAM team introduces Umbara to the Battlefront, fight on the Capital road or in the Shadow forest! If you enjoy this mod please endorse it!

Permissions and credits

Umbara, Known as the "Shadow World" due to the lack of sunlight on its surface, was a planet located within the Expansion Region. The planet was also an exporter of doonium, a metal utilized in the construction of starships. During the Clone Wars, the planet was initially part of the Galactic Republic before seceding to join the Confederacy of Independent Systems. It proceeded to host one of the larger battles of the Clone Wars.

Replacing Felucia, This mod brings a brand new planet in the form of Umbara to the Battlefront with brand new models, lighting, sound, living world Umbaran creatures such as the Banshee and Vixus, custom loading screen, and a completely brand new gameplay experience!

If you are a fan of map mods and enjoy Umbara you can also go check out MYGEETO and INSTANT ACTION MAPS for even more brand new map experiences!
Don't forget to endorse and track these mods! (Brand new planets for IAM will be released as separate mods, whereas new maps on existing planets will be uploaded to the IAM mod linked above)

Please note: We are unable to edit pathfinding, so if the AI tend to be dumb then this is why.

It's not perfect and honestly probably never will be unless we had DICE's tools, but i am still really proud of what we as a team have accomplished :D

The Instant Action Maps Team has created a Patreon!


Aviator: Map creation, custom collision, logic, VFX, Lighting, Plant lightprobes, emissive colors, etc

Grawarr/LeBoZ: Beautiful Umbaran meshes and textures

Rupture13: Creating the amazing thumbnail, graphics, and images (also being my friend)

Zatomos: Base Umbaran lighting with tweaks by me

Dunno: helping with AI clone skins