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Converts General Grievous into his light-side counterpart from my 'What If' story.

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This mod is a complete overhaul of General Grievous that converts him into his alternate universe Jedi counterpart, from my 'What if' story that I first uploaded on my YouTube channel in the summer of 2019. This mod has been in development since mid 2020 and has evolved in the development stage since then. All custom elements in this mod have been made to better reflect the Grievous (Qymaen Jai Sheelal) of this timeline.

This project wouldn't have been possible without the amazing work, and effort of my team. I'm extremely happy with how this mod has turned out. A special thanks to them for helping me bring my vision to life, it's a very surreal feeling seeing this fully visualized.

Priscylla the Witch - Character and Weapon Models, Mesh Imports, UV's, and Rigging
EldeBH - Model and Weapon Textures, Wallpaper Renders, and Hero Portrait
SoulBruh - Abilities/Lightsaber SVG icons, Audio imports, and Text localization
• RedSun - Text localization
• RaptoR_krd - Star Card portraits, and Teaser Wallpaper Render
Hugin-Munin - Unused Early Model (Alpha)
Sketchlea - Concept Artist
BenjaminSpanklin - Compatible Republic Faction addon for IAI
 KUrbzVO - Voice of Jedi Grievous (Qymaen)
Rollokster - End video graphic
Spikul - Cinematic video shots


• Multiplayer compatible

You can play this mod on multiplayer without risk of being banned, however; this mod was created with the specific intention to be played OFFLINE with the Instant Action Improvements mod, which has a cross hero faction option on Arcade for a fully authentic experience, as well as a Republic Faction addon file for IAI (offline) created for both mods, in accordance to all traits altered in this mod (Voice lines, U.I. Text, etc).

• Galactic Republic compatibility
Thanks to the efforts of BenjaminSpanklin he was able to create a compatible file that works with Instant Action Improvements which swaps Grievous to the Galactic Republic. This will allow you to play Grievous on Supremacy, Attack, and Defend. *Read file description for more details*

• Custom model
A new character model has been created from scratch by the talented Priscylla the Witch, to portray a faithful interpretation of what a live action Jedi Grievous would look like, towards the end of The Clone Wars in this Elseworlds timeline. This model contains new high quality textures all done by EldeBH to match the clone armor hybrid aesthetics of the concept art shown in the images tab. It was very important to create a visual look that appears less intimidating, and not as monstrous, but still somewhat similar to Grievous. The clean, sleek, and smooth clone armor aesthetics helped execute this visual vibe, as well as the rectangular eye holes on the mask. These were key details. I'm very proud of what has been accomplished.

• Custom lightsabers
A new lightsaber has been modeled and textured from scratch, by the talented EldeBH, with a clean chrome, white, and gold color pallet to match Grievous' visual aesthetics, along with a new saber color (yellow). 

• Custom portrait
A new portrait has been rendered, for the collections menu and spawn screen.

• Custom star cards
New star card portraits have been rendered thanks to RaptoR_krd.

• Custom U.I. elements
The abilities and lightsaber icons have all been changed.

• Custom text
All text elements have been re-written including; the Hero name, lightsaber UI, Bio description, Skin description, Star Card names, and more. 

• Custom voice lines
A new voice actor (KUrbzVO) has been casted, giving Grievous brand new voice lines.

• Custom music
Two pieces of music from The Clone Wars TV show have been selected for Grievous' spawn theme and death theme. To better reflect his heroic counterpart from this universe.

If you wish to play with Grievous and Yoda offline with a friend on Split Screen, Team Battle, or Onslaught either you or your friend (2nd player) must Download Instant Action Improvements for the Cross Hero Faction option on Arcade AND Parsec. This will allow either of you to connect to each other's PC and play together.

NOTE: Only one player needs to download Parsec in order for this to work. You both DO NOT need Battlefront II, only one person. This is ONLY for players who want to play with their friends across the world, you do not need Parsec if you already have two controllers plugged in your PC to play with a friend regularly, BUT you need Instant Action Improvements mod regardless in order to use the split screen feature of Battlefront II on PC. 



It is currently near impossible to have Grievous' lines register with the other prequel heroes while he's being played on the Lightside in Arcade, and Instant Action Improvements. I wrote original dialogue for this mod between Grievous and Yoda so the two may interact on the battlefield, according to the context of this version of Grievous. If we ever figure out how to resolve this I will make an update will include an addon file with voice interactions / call outs between Grievous, and the other Prequel Era heroes (Anakin, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Chewbacca, Darth Maul, Count Dooku, and Bossk) with the voice actor casted.

I would like to include 2 new skins sometime in the future. A 'Battle Damaged' and 'Fugitive' appearance.

If you wish to post about this mod on your social media accounts OR make a video about this mod (showcase, gameplay, etc) you must use this mod page link, AND my YouTube channel for credit/acknowledgement, when showing it on your video and the description. Please do not repost any of the wallpaper renders without crediting me. I hope you have fun and enjoy this mod!


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*Use this mod online at your own risk. It is a cosmetic mod so it shouldn't cause any issues, but you never know.*

WARNING: we take mod/art theft very seriously, if you're caught ripping this mod you run the HIGH risk of receiving a DMCA takedown notice.