Star Wars: Battlefront II (2017)
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(MP Safe) Overhauls and replaces your choice of either Luke's, Rey's, Obi Wan's or Anakins base game audio with Qui Gon Jinn! Using 100+ lines from TPM, Kenobi, TCW, TOTJ and various other media! All performed by Liam Neeson!

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"Be mindful of the living force."

The only Qui Gon Jinn audio mod you'll ever need! Finally allowing your Qui Gon hero replacers to be voiced by Liam Neeson himself! As per usual for my audio mods, I've replaced the various' hero alerts, general lines, emotes and effort sounds with all the appropriate Qui Gon Jinn dialogue!

Just pick the file for the hero you want to replace and you're good to go!

Just load my audio file under Thisguy44's amazing Qui Gon Jinn mod!

As well as lines from SW, I've taken some thematic and immersive lines from Batman Begins, The Narnia Trilogy, and Fallout 3! As always, all these other media lines are still appropriate and fit the tone and setting of Star Wars/Battlefront 2! So no, Qui Gon won't be villainously monologing about the corruption in Gotham City in your games hehe :3

Enjoy everyone and may the force be with you! :)