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More Ship Names adds 7,500 thematically-appropriate ship names to the naming pool for ships to (randomly) select from.
(6,032 names for conventional ships, and 968 + 500 for REDACTED ships.)

If you're tired of every other ship being named 'Einstein's Demon' or 'To Goddard With Apologies', then this tiny mod is for you!

Permissions and credits
More Ship Names adds 7,500 thematically-appropriate ship names to the naming pool for ships to (randomly) select from. 
(6,032 names for conventional ships, and 968 + 500 for REDACTED ships.)

These include:

  • 1,750 names to the GENERAL pool (mostly Independent and Persean League)
  • 470 names to the SPACE pool
  • 1,550 names to the PIRATES pool
  • 360 names to the MERCANTILE pool (mostly Persean League)
  • 470 names to the LUDDIC CHURCH pool
  • 460 names to the BEASTS pool (mostly Pirates)
  • 435 names to the BRITISH NAVY pool (mostly Hegemony)
  • 387 names to the JAPANESE pool (mostly Tri-Tachyon)
  • 150 names to the PERSIAN pool
  • 968 names to the REDACTED pool
  • 500 names to the OTHER REDACTED pool

Names have been chosen from various media including (but not limited to) song titles, science-fiction and fantasy book and short story titles, stories from pulp science-fiction magazines, spacecraft from the Culture series, ship names from the Halo series, British naval vessels (past and present), Japanese naval vessels (past and present), poetry (titles and specific lines), hymns, idioms, and scientific terminology, among other sources.

REDACTED names are a combination of Greek and Hebrew alphabet letters plus a title of royalty (there are only 49 of them in vanilla).
OTHER REDACTED names are six-digit hex codes (the same as vanilla, of which there are only 25).

If you're tired of seeing ships called Einstein's Demon and To Goddard With Apologies, this mod is for you.

Examples of ship names include:

GENERAL: Against The Fall Of Night, Bipolar Nightmare, Carry On Wayward Son, Dances On The Snow, Encounter In The Dawn, Fate Amenable To Change

 Across The Sea Of Suns, Beyond The Black, Cataclysmic Variable, Distant Retrograde, Eclipsing Binary, Five Against Venus

 A Momentary Lapse Of Sanity, Be Quick Or Be Dead, Caught Red Handed, Death Is A Lonely Business, Eight Rounds Rapid, Frustrated Palm Tree

 Any Colour You Like, Business As Usual, City Upon A Hill, Damning With Faint Praise, Economical With The Truth, For Your Consideration

 Acts Of Sacrifice, Banality Of Evil, Children Of Tomorrow, Descent Of Angels, Echoes Of Revelation, Faltering Prayer

 Aethon, Bakonawa, Caladrius, Domovoi, Erymanthian, Fenghuang

BRITISH NAVY: Acheron, Bonaventure, Cormorant, Enchantress, Fervent

JAPANESE: Akatsuki, Chikuma, Fubuki, Hamakaze, Izumi, Kusunoki, Matsushima

PERSIAN: Ahriman, Bushyasta, Drvaspa, Fravashi, Khvarenah

REDACTED: Alpha-Baron, Beta-Duchess, Chi-Gōng, Delta-Knight, Epsilon-Rex

OTHER REDACTED: 0086d0, 02d5d7, 030997, 04026f, 052243

If you would like LUDDIC PATH ships to also use LUDDIC CHURCH names, and Independent ships to use more SPACE and MERCANTILE names, there is also an optional folder that will allow those factions to expand their pool of names.

Just move the data folder from the optional folder into the root More Ship Names folder.

If someone would like to put this mod up on the UNOFFICIAL STARSECTOR CHAT Discord channel somehow, please feel free to do so.
(I don't want to make a GitHub or Dropbox account just to host a 48kb file. Sorry!)