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Replaces over 50 "scanner" and menu sounds without the high pitch frequency - using as transparent methods as possible.

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More Subtle Level Up Sounds 
More Subtle Scanner Sounds
More Subtle Quest Music 
No Grav Jump Music


Sound replacer for the scanner open, close, and interaction sounds with ones that surgically remove the high pitch sweep around 15khz.
The frequency was removed using as transparent methods as possible. Linear phase, maximum oversampling, no clipping.
This sound technically replaces more than scanners, as these sounds are reused in a few places in the game (like when piloting).

For the nerds out there, I used FabFilter Pro-Q 3 and a notch filter on linear phase.
I'm hesitant to call this an "accessibility" mod, but it may help you if you experience pain.
Soundcloud can't playback short sounds – but here is a playlist including most of them.

This is an embedded video. Showcase using in-game ambience and no music


Download the provided files and place them in your \Data folder (Root or Documents) – or install with your mod manager of choice.
This mod requires you to have two lines in your StarfieldCustom.ini file. A file has been provided for convenience.



Dylan James, for being brave.
hexabit, for Bethesda Archive Extractor.
ConnerRia, for the environment screenshot.