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Adds Alien NPCs and Character Presets from Star Wars!

Permissions and credits
This mod adds several fully animated aliens from Star Wars to the various factions of Starfield as well as adds alien character presets, new hairs, tattoos, and skin tones. This mod is best played with a new game or NG+.

Changes and Conflicts

New alien faces have been distributed to the Spacers Leveled NPC Records.
Headsocks have been removed from their helmets.
Crimson Fleet 
New Alien faces have been distributed to the Crimson Fleets Leveled NPC Records.
Half of the Key Fleet members have been transformed into aliens as well. 
3 of the 4 Crimson Fleet helmet meshes have been upscaled and their headsocks removed.
Freestar Collective
New alien faces have been distributed to the Freestar Leveled NPC Records.
Select Guards at the Clinic and at Akila have been changed.
The Shaw Gang 
Every Shaw gang member as well as Shaw herself has been overhauled to be an alien.
Seokguh Syndicate 
New alien faces have been distributed to the Syndicates Leveled NPC Records.
Gloves have been added to the Syndicate suits.
I may go back and do a much larger overhaul to this faction.
Generic Crew Members
The quest SQ_Crew_SpawnManager has been edited to spawn both human and alien crew members. 
Crowd NPCs
Almost all Crowd Region records under Generic Base form have been edited to add alien crowd NPCs.
Better crowd mods will likely conflict. 

SW Alien Player.ESM only adds new hairs, tatoos, skintones, and character presets to existing leveled lists. Many mods will do the same and conflict with this plugin, requiring it to be patched to work with those other mods. I'll likely only make patches for mods that I personally use. SW Alien Player.ESM is not dependant on SW Aliens.ESM or vise versa so you may choose to disable it if you want to use other character creation mods. Or you can simply load those mods under this one. Alien masks and gloves can be crafted at an Industrial Workbench in case you cant use the player ESM.

The base human body has been changed to give every NPC an under suit. This doesn't effect the Paradiso swimsuits. 

If there's faction mods that you value over this then just load those ESMs under mine so that they take priority.

I do not recommend strip corpses mods if you value your immersion.

Known Issues
In order to make some aliens sound movie accurate I gave them the starborn voice filter but for whatever reason the filter will carry over to the same type of NPC that isn't an alien when reloading a save in the same cell. Its a minor issue that I don't know how to fix so just don't save your game near any aliens.

NPC inventories don't update mid playthrough. If you see a headless NPC Select them with console open (click ~) and type resetinventory.

I couldn't get skin tones to work on new character presets so I didn't bother. but all the Twi'lek, Zabrak and Togruta head pieces are in hairs.
face tattoos and skin tones are... well you can guess where those are.

Future Plans
Adding weight morphs to all the new alien heads
Adding specialized Helmets for the new alien heads
Adding more aliens in general so be sure to track this mod for updates.

Special Thanks!
SesamePaste for his blender plugins and for rigging the Quarren tentacles.
DarthSidious666 for testing and providing input. Check out his All Trilogy Lightsabers mod.
MrZHDarkstar for personally helping me to understand skintones.

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Extract the archive into your "Documents\My Games\Starfield\" folder or use a mod manager such as Vortex or MO2.
Add these lines to your StarfieldCustom.ini in "Documents\My Games\Starfield\"


You will need Plugins.txt Enabler to load the ESMs, follow this mod's description on how to install it.

Don't use sTestFile in the starfieldcustom.ini as this will break using Plugins.txt.