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Core Utility Library all my mods will share vs copying identical PEX scripts around

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Unless you are using one of my mods you will not need this. It's just a shared utility library for my mods so I stop having to copy identical PEX scripts around.

There has been some interest in using my script functions and ESM objects outside of my projects. So, I'm opening comments and adding a link to my GitHub repo. I'll also add some sort of SDK docs to the GitHub Readme Files/Wiki. 

Venworks Discord Community

I've created a new discord community (Venworks Discord Community) for all my mods, modding research, mod support. I'll continue to post my mods here, but notifications and usage of the bugs and comments has become harder or flat do not work with recent Nexus updates. So, for discussion and reporting of bugs please use the Venworks Discord.

For those of you wishing to donate to me for my mods you can do so via my partners Quarter Onion Games.
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Social Presence
  • I can be found as Venpi hanging out in the xEdit and Starfield Nexus Mod's discord servers.
  • I have created the Venworks Discord Community for discussing, tracking, bug reporting, and helping out with my mods and Starfield modding research.
  • You can follow me on threads as @monstercookiebd

Source Code
The source code to this is on GitHub under the repository starfield-venpi-core