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A plugin to allow building below the landing bay, ignoring the "invalid position" docker error, and misaligned landing gear for ships.

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This allows you to build below the landing bay, ignore the "invalid position" docker error, and misalign landing gear for ships.

  • Things will probably clip.
  • The ship seems to level itself to the bottom of the (first?) landing bay, but if you build more than one on different heights.... Whatever happens is on you.
  • No guarantees a docker in an invalid position will work. There's still an error condition that ensures the docker can reach the cockpit that I am not touching so GLHF.
  • Misaligned gear might mess up landing position... or anything else.
  • Odd things may happen! This is mostly untested beyond making sure it works. YMMV, beware dragons, etc.

Installation (SFSE):
  • Install the SFSE.
  • Extract this so the file is placed ´╗┐as "Starfield\Data\SFSE\Plugins\<Name of file>.dll" IN THE GAME DIRECTORY, NOT THE SAVE DIR.
    • Or use a mod manager or whatever. Just check the path.
    • Any plugin/DLL/ASI you have will ALWAYS go in the game dir! The save dir's 'Data' folder is ONLY used to override BA2 files.
  • Launch through SFSE. Or use something like SFSE - Launch on Steam with In-Game Overlay if you want to keep going through Steam.
  • Look for the log! If you don't see a log on launch there's a bigger troubleshooting section in the stickied comment.

Installation (ASI):
  • Pick an ASI loader:
  • Extract the ASI file to wherever you loader wants it.
  • Launch as per your loader's instructions.
  • Look for the log! If you don't see a log on launch there's a bigger troubleshooting section in the stickied comment.

The plugin will create "<Name of file>.log" in the same directory as the DLL/ASI on startup if it's in the right spot.

This was made for the Steam version!
The ASI might work on GP, this is untested, either the AoB scan works, or not. I am unable to test this.

Other ship builder tweaks/unlocks:
No Bay or Docker Limits
No Build Below Bay Error<----- (YOU ARE HERE)
No Cockpit Limit
No Engine Power Limits
No Grav Drive Weight Limit
No Minimum Landing Gear
No Reactor Class Requirement
No Reactor Limit
No Shield Limit
No Unattached Module Error
No Weapon Power or Count Limits