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This mod changes how points of interest are chosen in order to create a more realistic world.

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This mod aims to create a more realistic worldbuilding experience while still providing Points of Interest (POIs) for players who enjoy exploring and grinding. 

The first change restricts points of interest with human habitation to planets inside the settled systems or those with breathable atmospheres outside, or those with life. This aligns with the lore and makes settlers' decisions more logical, resulting in a more empty galaxy as it should be. This change significantly reduces the number of randomly encountered human POIs while still leaving an infinite number to be found in the core worlds.

The mod also reduces the number of human POIs on planets. When you land on a planet, you will now only encounter one or two human POIs instead of being surrounded by them. The density of human POIs varies based on the distance from the core worlds - planets closer to the core are more densely populated, while those farther away have fewer human POIs.

The POIs generated for radiant quests are unaffected, so there is still an infinite number to find, and each is more unique, as they will all have a context behind them. Locations you find on planet scans will also still show up, meaning each habitable planet still has some life, just not an infinite amount. As an added benefit, the Crimson Fleet is no longer the largest faction in the Settled Systems, with hundreds of bases on every planet.

To install, download with Vortex or M02.

Let me know if there are any changes you think I should add.