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Do you hate having to re-enter the inventory screen to equip a new grenade when you run out mid battle? No longer, thanks to Smart Grenades and Smart Mines. Assign them to hotkeys, to cycle through available grenades or mines during gameplay. If you throw your last grenade/mine, it will AUTOMATICALLY switch to the next available.

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  • Mandarin
You ain't got time to bleed, and you ain't got time to be fumbling for your next grenade. Thanks to the explosives department at Laredo Firearms, Smart Grenades and Smart Mines will change your life for the better - and the Ashta chasing you for the worse. Real-time inventory management has never been easier. Choose your next explosive quickly or let the Smart Grenade/Mine choose it AUTOMATICALLY.

How do Smart Grenades and Smart Mines work?

Whenever you activate a Smart Grenade or Mine, it will cycle through your available items and choose the next available in real time. If you assign them to hotkeys, you will never need to enter your inventory again. If you throw your last grenade/mine of the equipped type, the Smart Item will automatically select the next available item of the same type. If you don't have any more, it will equip the other type. Make explosives easy!

  • Favorite Smart Grenades and Smart Mines to any hotkey
  • Non-consumable item, added to your inventory on startup
  • Cycle through grenades and mines during gameplay
  • Automatically switch item when the last one is used
  • Safe to add mid game

Use a mod manager like MO2 or Vortex
If you are manually installing, you are on your own

If you have a mod that adds new grenades or mines, you need to need to create a patch

Startup and Use
Just open your inventory, and you should have a Smart Grenade and Smart Mine in your inventory.
Favorite it to a button you choose.
If you try to use it with the inventory open, you will get a tutorial message.
Use the Smart Grenade hotkey to cycle through grenades
Use the Smart Mine hotkey to cycle through mines
It will automatically choose another grenade/mine if you throw your last one.
If you drop/sell/lose your Smart Item, just save and reload. You will have a new one in your inventory.
Do I still need to carry the actual grenades and mines?
  • Yes. Smart Grenades and Mines will only use items you have in your inventory.

I lost my Smart Grenade/Mine!
  • If you drop/sell/lose your Smart Item, just save and reload. You will have a new one in your inventory.

I want to change the order Smart items are cycled through.
  • You will have to edit the order in the ListOfGrenades or ListOfMines in xEdit. I will not be providing patches for different orders.

I have a mod that adds new grenades and mines.
  • You'll have to patch that yourself. In xEdit, add them to the ListOfGrenades or ListOfMines. Make sure the new grenade has the Keyword WeaponTypeThrown, and the Mine has Keyword WeaponTypeMine.

Smart Grenades and Smart Mines always appears in my New Items!
  • Yeah that's annoying. Known issue. Not sure I can fix that with the current
    implementation. If that's the reason not to use the mod, so be it.

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