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Ship Command certification challenge doesn't work on ships you commandeer. This fixes it.

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  • Ship Command certification doesn't work on ships you take over or steal. It only works on ships purchased by you or given to you.
  • This is because the game double decrements the "SpaceShipCrew" actor value on enemy ships you board:
    • "SpaceShipCrew" is decremented when you kill the crew.
    • "SpaceShipCrew" is decremented when you take over the ship by sitting on the pilot seat.
  • This means if the enemy ship started with 6 crew:
    • Its "SpaceShipCrew" actor value would start at 6.
    • When you kill the crew, "SpaceShipCrew" would decrement to 0.
    • When you sit down on the pilot seat, "SpaceShipCrew" would decrement to -6.
    • Finally, when you make the ship your home ship, and your crew of 5 takes over, "SpaceShipCrew" would increment to -1: which is an incorrect value.
    • Because the game never recalculates the "SpaceShipCrew" actor value from the actual source of truth - the actual crew count, this value remains incorrect forever, preventing you from completing the skill challenge with this ship.
    • (The above sequence has been confirmed in testing)
  • This mod resets your home ship's "SpaceShipCrew" value to the correct one whenever you board your ship, sidestepping the issue.
    • Fix implemented in sq_playershipscript.
    • Script only.
    • No plugin.
    • Will fix this bug for any perk mod that attempts to use this challenge type as well.
    • If you load a save with you onboard the ship, just board it again to apply the fix.

  • Use a mod manager such as MO2 or Vortex.
  • Whenever. It doesn't matter when.

Q: Does this fix xyz?
A: Just read the mod description. It tells you what is included in the mod.

Q: How do I install this manually?
A: Dump everything in data from the archive into the data folder. Make sure you do a bunch of INI edits and disable "my games". Don't ask me how to do this: I just used MO2, and it did everything for me via the magic of computer software. I did not use my brain.

Q: Can I have 2 files in the same folder with the same file name affect the game at the same time?
A: No.

Q: Are mod managers a conspiracy by the world government to implant microchips into our water supply in order to turn frogs into Bill Gates?
A: Yes.

Q: I hate Bethesda, Todd Howard, Nexusmods, Vortex etc etc.
A: Alright, but complain to me about it in this comments section.