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Allows you to remove legendary modules from existing items, or find them around the verse, and place them on others.

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What is this mod?

This mod provides 2 core functions.
  • It allows you to remove legendary module effects from one item and place them on another.
  • It allows you to prepare non legendary items to accept legendary modules through crafting at the workbench.

There are 3 ways to acquire legendary modules and cores.
  • Remove them from existing legendary items (armor/weapons).
  • Purchase from the recycler. They are fairly expensive as this is intended to be a late game feature.
  • Find them in boss chests as you explore.

Getting Started

There is a permanent placed recycler in the basement at The Lodge. You can also build one at your outposts.
I have also uploaded a separate addon to place a recycler without the trader in the default workshop habs. See the Legendary Recycler Habs page.

You interact with the recycler using the standard interact key/button. On PC the default is E. The first time you will be greeted by the instructions. Choose to turn them off if you wish. After proceeding you will be in a container transfer window. Switch to your character inventory and it will be restricted to weapons and armor. Simply transfer your desired item(s) then you want to prepare empty slots on, or remove legendary modules from. After exiting the trade window you can find your processed items in the output container directly in front of the recycler.

You can then proceed to a workbench to attach the legendary modules to different items.

The material cost to do so is as follows (without research skills):
Slot 1 - 1x legendary module, 2x legendary cores
Slot 2 - 1x legendary module, 4x legendary cores
Slot 3 - 1x legendary module, 8x legendary cores

If you have maxed out the research to reduce crafting costs then the core costs will be 1, 2, and 3 respectively. When removing modules from items you are give 1x core for slot 1 or 2, and 2x cores for slot 3 modules.

Trading Cores/Modules

You can use the trade interact at supported recycler's to open the trade window which will let you buy/sell modules and cores. 

If you find yourself with a surplus of modules you won't use (here's looking at you Space-Adept), or otherwise do not want. You can sell them to the recycler for increased value. While you can always sell them at regular vendors as well, they will give you next to nothing for them.

The recycler trade system can potentially help you find modules you have difficulty finding on gear naturally. This is the only place to purchase modules and cores. The trade vendor has varying modules based on level. With all modules having a chance to be available after reaching character level 15.

You can also find cores and modules in boss chests as you explore. There is no level restriction on what can spawn in the boss chests.

Information for other mod authors

The following is information for other authors or users who want to change the behavior of this mod. All example records below are given with the plugin load order index of 02 as if you load xEdit (or CK when available) with just this plugin and the required masters that is the location it will show up.

If you want to change how many cores are given for removal of a module from a particular slot. Then you will need to override the following global records. They are constant value so modifying it in game will not stick they must be changed via a plugin edit. This is necessary so that NG+ will use the desired changed value. Values changed in game do not persist through NG+.
GLB_LegendaryModRecycler_CoreReturn1 [GLOB:0200090C]
GLB_LegendaryModRecycler_CoreReturn2 [GLOB:0200090D]
GLB_LegendaryModRecycler_CoreReturn3 [GLOB:0200090E]

Extending support to 3rd party/DLC/CCC added legendaries

The system requires a few things.
The Object Modification record (OMOD) must add a unique keyword to identify that it has been attached. The base game uses HasLegendary keywords.

From here on it is presumed that you have a functional OMOD, which has an attached KYWD to identify when it is applied.

For each OMOD you want to support:

  • Create an IRES which is used by the following MISC. This is so that the MISC item has a component and will show up under the Resources category.
  • Create a MISC which has a component of the IRES. Make sure it has the keyword LegendaryModResource. 
  • Create a COBJ which uses the IRES as the crafting component with an appropriate number of cores to produce the OMOD. See one of the COBJ from this mod for an example.

You will need to copy the template quest
LegendaryModRecycler_EXTENSION_TEMPLATE [QUST:02000911]

Add your new data to the appropriate array of struct based on which slot your module uses. You will need to have a correlation of which MISC item to give when it detects which KYWD. See the setup quest LegendaryModRecyclerSetupQuest for examples. If you're using xEdit then the simplest is to copy the template as a new record into your plugin. Then compare the new copied template record to the setup quest. Drag over and copy the entire VMAD to your template. Then make changes so you have an easy structure already setup. Afterwards remove all the left over data (if any). Leaving it will needlessly load up the limited array space on the management script.

This quest is a run on start, run once. So if you add additional items to your plugin after first publishing you will need to make a new copy of the template and add the new items there.

This is the minimal amount to get support to remove your modules.

If you want them to be available in the leveled list from the trade vendor or from boss chests then the MISC item will need to be added to one of the following leveled item lists depending on the slot. It will then just get mixed in to the pool with the other modules of that slot.
LL_LegendaryModulesArmorStar1 [LVLI:020008E6]
LL_LegendaryModulesArmorStar2 [LVLI:020008E7]
LL_LegendaryModulesArmorStar3 [LVLI:020008E8]
LL_LegendaryModulesWeaponStar1 [LVLI:020008E9]
LL_LegendaryModulesWeaponStar2 [LVLI:020008EA]
LL_LegendaryModulesWeaponStar3 [LVLI:020008EB]

For them to be visible in the recycler vendor the MISC item must have the following keyword. I would also suggest comparing my MISC items for the pricing. There is a special perk that adjusts the pricing for buy and sell on the recycler vendor.
LegendaryModResource [KYWD:020008D4]

Here are some reference records from this mod's plugin to use for comparison
co_mod_Legendary_Armor_01_Chameleon [COBJ:02000851]
res_mod_Legendary_Armor_01_Chameleon "Chameleon Armor" [IRES:0200084E]
misc_mod_Legendary_Armor_01_Chameleon "Legendary Armor Module Chameleon" [MISC:0200084F]
LegendaryModRecyclerSetupQuest [QUST:02000910]

Known Limitations:
  • Due to the limits in the Papyrus script system, this mod can only handle up to 128 module types per legendary slot per item type. The base game has 10-S1, 11-S2, 11-S3 for armor, and 11-S1, 11-S2, 10-S3 for weapons. This still leaves quite a lot of room for extensibility for 3rd party modules or any added by DLC and Creations.
  • If you feed an item to the recycler which has a legendary that is not in the base configuration, or a supported addon mod. Then the effect may be removed and lost without providing proper materials. In cases such as this a patch plugin will need to be made using the above documentation in the Extending support to 3rd party/DLC/CCC added legendaries section.

Known Issues:
  • Empty modules may go missing from items. If you process an item in the recycler for the empty legendary slots to be added. Then store the item in a base game vanilla container, such as the unlimited storage in The Lodge, or even a companion inventory. Upon saving and reloading the save the item will be missing the empty slots. Simply processing it again will add the slots back on for you to equip the item with legendary modules as you desire. This is a game engine bug where any modification records which are not part of the base Starfield.esm is lost. This happens with the Constellation and Old Mars skins from the official pre-order and Premium edition DLCs. This will also impact 3rd party, DLC, or CCC legendary modifications that are added.
  • Treasure Map reward items will show more stars than modules attached. This is a vanilla game bug. Code added in v1.10 to remove the faulty mod when processing the item at the recycler. After processing it will show the correct number of stars and color title based on how many legendary modules are actually attached.
  • Installing the mod and loading a save where you're already in The Lodge will prevent the recycler from working until you leave and return. Fixed in v1.10
  • Loading a save where you are in The Lodge immediately after installing this mod, and then using the recycler immediately. Causes the transferred items to become stuck in the recycler. Fixed in v1.20. To retrieve any stuck items leave the area and return.