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Connect all workbenches and outposts to a shared unlimited storage container for building and crafting. ALL YOUR STUFF IN ONE PLACE, access from anywhere using menus, favorites or hotkeys.

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Connect all workbenches and outposts to a shared unlimited storage container for building and crafting. ALL YOUR STUFF IN ONE PLACE,  access from anywhere using menus, favorites or hotkeys.

The Starfield version of Fallout 4 GLOBAL STASH and Fallout 76 Stash

The player automatically gets a regenerating [ Universal Stash menu item ] in AID inventory when the mod starts up. As new game start clears player inventory, craft replacements at any Industral workbench with 1 [ Fe ] iron.  Universal Stash needs to be enabled in the Lodge to start working.

Configuration Menu

(1) Enable Universal stash (bedroom) must be run in the Lodge. Configures the Lodge player bedroom safe [ 00266e81 ] to be persistent so it can be accessed from anywhere in the universe. It is a base game placed unlimited container that never resets so is totally safe (geddit ?) to store all your stuff.

Each Workbench is automatically connected to the stash for crafting materials on first activation. Yes thats any workbench anywhere including Outposts and your homeships as they change. Homeship workbenches also use crafting materials in the cargo hold. Outpost workbenches also use crafting materials from Outpost storage.

(2) Enable Universal stash (basement) same as (1) but moves the safe to the Lodge basement for easier access. 

(3) Disable Universal stash must be run in the Lodge. Resets the safe to its original bedroom location, removes the persistence links and stops new workbench connections. You can switch between enable/disable as much as you like, your stuff is always safe (!) in the no reset base game placed container.

(4) Open Universal stash from anywhere in the universe, or craft a [ Universal Stash open container item ] to favourite for single key access,  or use a hotkey console command (see below). If you choose use toxic lockpicking mods that break base game methods this will not work.

(5) Open Homeship cargo hold  from anywhere in the universe. The ability to transfer items sometimes depends on console [ SetGS fMaxShipTransferDistance value ] which defaults to 250 meters.

(6) Switch Inventory between Homeship and Stash from anywhere in the universe. If HomeShip has any inventory everything is moved to the Stash, else if empty Stash inventory is moved to to HomeShip ignoring ship hold capacity and distance limits. If there are inventory items to ignore, add them to formlists SKK_USExcludeStashItems and SKK_USExcludeShipItems with xEdit (if you know how).  Ship Repair Kits are already excluded to always stay on ship.

(7) Move to Universal stash container in the Lodge from anywhere in the universe. Ths can cause the Homeship to be left at the last landing point and not reset to Atlantis spaceport. Workaround is to use Move to homeship then fly.

(8) Move to Homeship main cabin from anywhere in the universe.

(9) Reset Outpost transfer container clears the contents of the last connected Outpost transfer container back to the Lodge stash. Read the Outpost section to learn more.

(10) Automatic Outpost transfer [ *On | Off ] disable all automatic (Stash <> Outpost) transfer connections if you are having problems. Read the Outpost section to learn more. 

Menu items are actually potions which live in AID inventory and regenerate after each use, so each crafting recipe is only shown if there are none already in player inventory.


Outpost Stash Transfer 

When Universal Stash is enabled one [ Universal Stash Outpost transfer ] container can be built at each Outpost or player home (Miscellanious menu). Default is to automatically move all of the Lodge stash container inventory to itself when the player is on site at the Outpost for EZ access and return it to the Lodge stash when the player leaves (Automatic Outpost transfer setting ON).

There is a warning if another container is detected in the loaded area (up to 1200 meters) and automatic transfers are disabled until the  check runs again at the next 3d load event. Use the [ Switch with Stash ] transfer container activation option to manually transfer inventory.

A stash transfer container provides building material direct to the Outpost and crafting material to the Workbenches. Outpost building and Workbenches will also use material from any normal Outpost containers. 

When the player leaves the Outpost, all the Transfer container inventory is automatically transferred back to the Lodge stash container for persistent safety (with Automatic Outpost transfer setting ON). If for any reason that doesnt work, use the [ Reset Outpost Transfer Container ] menu option or just go to the Lodge which always forces inventory back to the stash.

Removing a Transfer container or the whole Outpost triggers the base game to dump any inventory on the Player before scripts can detect that condition. Use the [ Switch to Stash ] container activation option or [ Reset Outpost Transfer Container ] menu option FIRST to move all the stuff back to the Lodge stash before removing a container or Outpost.

Outpost Resource Collection

To handle resource production build one [ Outpost Production Collector ] (Miscellanious menu) with 999,999 capacity to which any resource producer or cargo link can be connected, collecting all production in one place all of the time when on or offsite.

Activate [ to Stash ] or [ R ] to transfer all contents to a local Stash container if present. The game engine will not automatically transfer Outpost produced resources to any unlimited storage container to avoid breaking your game with uncapped item counts.  In the spirit of protecting your game, the Production Collector transfer will not be automated. It's trivial to do, but no because consequences like toddlers wanting to play with matches.

WARNING: the blue Outpost ship transfer container may be causing problems.
Do not connect it to a Stash Transfer Container if you want to keep your stuff.

Console and Hotkeys

If you don't want more immersive crap in your inventory and prefer to use console commands, BAT files or hotkey, no problem. Call a global proxy function WITHOUT the ;; semicolon description:



This does not depend on anything at all (like script extenders) except your ability to follow instructions.

(A) Mod Manager Install 

Folllow your chosen mod manager install instructions for ESM files and loose scripts, I'm not getting involved any more. 

(B) Manual Install 


(C) To validate your installation attempt

In a running game copy and paste the text [ between the square brackets ] into the console:

To validate scripts console [ cgf "SKK_USQuestScript.GetVersion" 1 ]
To validate the ESM console [ help SKK_USQuest 4 quest ]

Quality & Compatibility

(1) This is 100% new forms and scripts. As it does not modify any base game content at all, the likelyhood of it CAUSING conflict is zero. If you have issues, just start with your stuff that does hack the base game.

(2) Some mods that hack the UI or manage locks apparently stop inventory screens being activated or displayed including No Lockpick Activate. That is not a conflict, its you installing stuff that breaks base game mechanics.

(3) The base game placed Lodge player safe [ 00266e81 ] has been used for secure central storage by over 15,000 players since launch with previous legacy iterations of Link Lodge Workbenches and Unlimited Storage, zero operating issues.

(4) Yes you can use Universal Stash in games that already have the previous f Link Lodge Workbenches and Unlimited  Storage legacy iterations NO PROBLEM. They have all been designed to allow that migration path, BUT DO NOT REMOVE ANY ACTIVE SCRIPTS FROM A SAVEGAME, JUST LEAVE THEM. It would be best to switch any of your BAT files and HOTKEYS to use the Universal Stash global proxy script functions as the older solutions will not be maintained.

(5) Installing mods disables achievements.

Known Issues

(1) Do rename the ESM file. The scripts use GetFormFromFile() lookups on fixed file names rather than script properties until Creation Kit releases because technical reasons.

(2) Outpost Stash Auto Transfer may not consistently return inventory from an Outpost to the Lodge Stash when the player leaves. The root cause is a game DEFECT. Scripts try to detect this broken ass game state and recover, but if it is too annoying just disable Automatic Outpost Transfer globally in the menu and use the [ Switch with Stash ] activation option on the transfer containers.

(3) Using activator items that open menu screens direct from aid inventory can sometimes (0.01%) freeze the player when in a ship interior cell. Reset/fix that by using the aid inventory activator once more and just exit the menu, or console [ player.moveto player ]. If in 3rd person jump to clear the animation. Activating items from favourite keys has zero issues. 

(4) If you use solutions that allow you to build in the Lodge DO NOT BUILD A TRANSFER CONTAINER until you update this to 006.

(5) This is a scripted solution. You can totally disable it doing anything in your game using the menu, but don't try and remove scripted mods from a savegame without rolling a hard d20 skill check on pure luck. SKK mods does not offer support for mod manager installs or bad luck.

Pro Tips

(1) If your fragile immersion only wants limited functionality of the original Link Lodge Workbenches BAT file solution, NO PROBLEM!  (a) Enable Universal Stash (b) activate the workbenches you want connected in the Lodge basement (c) Disable Universal Stash (d) Throw away the menu activator. Workbenches stay connected and as they are in the same cell as the Player Bedroom Safe they don't need persistence.

With thanks to ...

This early development has been enabled by CHAMPOLLION and CAPRICA Papyrus tools created and maintained by the amazing software engineering talents of Orvid and Nikitalita and of course a public xEdit build from ElminsterAU and team.