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You're not the center of the world! Make NPCs act less like NPCs!

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Better NPCs started based loosely on the mod Realistic Conversations for Fallout 4 but has continued to evolve.

NPCs will act more like people and less like one-dimensional characters in a video game where they only exist for your benefit

  • NPCs won't pay attention to you unless they're closer
  • They'll wait longer for your input while you're in a dialogue with them
  • They'll wait longer for you to respond to a greeting, but won't try again for a while if you ignore them
  • They will move their head a little more during conversations
  • No more machine gunning hellos
  • They won't stand around waiting for you, idle animations will trigger sooner
  • NPCs will engage in chatter with each other more often
  • You should see more groups standing around talking
  • You won't be stared at only because you're moving
  • Greetings won't trigger until you're a little closer
  • When traveling from point to point, they'll recalculate their path a little more often
  • Less chance another NPC will interrupt you during a conversations
  • NPCs will spend longer talking to each other
  • Blinking more like humans
  • They'll try to move around you if they might collide with you
  • NPCs (except security) and followers will back away from you if you bump into them
  • In combat, enemies will be more likely to taunt you or communicate with each other (just a dialogue setting, no combat AI change)
  • 3-5 minutes before an NPC comments on your actions or knocking things over instead of 20-40 seconds
  • They don't have to be as close to a dead body to react to it
  • They won't yell or stare at you from across the room
  • They'll try to maintain eye contact when you're speaking
  • NPCs will show more emotion when speaking
  • Less pausing between sentences to not sound so robotic
  • Guards are more observent when you're acting suspicious
  • After having a conversation, NPCs will try to find someone different to talk to
  • Increased time before guards tell you to stop loitering
  • Bar patrons will sit a little longer
  • AI events can trigger when you're a little further away

It's a normal ESM. Install with a mod manager if you can.
If you're manually installing mods, you should already know what to do.

Fully compatible with Better Crowd Citizens and Young Crowd

It won't need updating with game updates or SFSE updates. In fact given how much code is reused, this will probably work in Elder Scrolls VI.

I respond much faster to questions, comments, concerns, and hate mail on Discord.