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A simple one key, N, hotykey to give you Night Vision. No more going blindly where no one can see where they are. :-)

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So mankind leaves Earth for the cold, deep black of space but they forgot to bring some Night Vision goggles. Well that little omission has been fixed. Now you can finally see where you are going in the dark.


First you need to enable hotykeys in Starfield. I used Starfield Hotkeys ( by reg2k. Download and follow the instructions to get hotkeys working.

If this is your first hotkey mod then just drop my Hotkeys.ini file into the default location in your Starfield game directory. .../SeamLibrary/steamapps/common/Starfield/Hotkeys/Hotkeys.ini. Fire up Starfield and hit "N" to turn on Night Vision and hit "N" again to turn off Night Vision.

If you already have hotkeys enabled and have an existing Hotkeys.ini file then simply copy the [Macros] and [Hotkeys] from my file into your Hotkeys.ini file. There should not be any conflicts but if your "N" key is being used by another mod  then simply pick another key to use for your installation. A list of keys and modifiers can be found on here, List of Possible Keybinds (

Modding Info

For most hotkey functions you need 2 keys, one to turn on and another to turn off the hotkeyed function.

To create a single key toggle I used an unused (I hope) AVIF named "_TempAV" already in the Starfield game files. The macros set _TempAV to either 1 or 0. Then in the [Hoteys] section a "If/Else/EndIf" statement is used to determine whether to run the ON or OFF mascros.
N=If Player.GetAV _TempAV > 0; NightVision_OFF; Else; NightVision_ON; EndIf

So we then have a single key toggle to control Night Vision.


The _TempAV AVIF can not be used by the game or any other hotkey macros. So far it does seem that this  AVIF is not being used. In my testing I have not noticed any weird issues like the Night Vision turning on or off by itself. Nor have I seen any other issues with the game. If anyone does find something strange please let me know.

Once we have the proper modding tools from Bethesda then we can create our own AVIFs to use with hotkey functions. This would allow mod authors to reduce multiple key hotkey mods into single key toggles.

So I hope you enjoy having Night Vision now in Starfield. No more going blindly where no one can see where they are. :-)