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You are now authorized to pilot this ship. Removes the block from ships' pilot seat which prevents you from taking them over. Commandeer responsibly!

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Have you ever come across a unique or interesting looking ship, but for some reason you're unable to take it over for yourself? Or maybe you've picked the Wanted trait, had bounty hunters land nearby and ambush you, only for you to be unable to steal their ship after taking them out? If so, then you're in the right place.

This mod removes the restriction on ships' pilot seats, so that you are no longer blocked from commandeering them. As long the ship has a cockpit and a pilot seat you can reach, you can (probably) take it over right away and add it to your fleet to fly, upgrade and customize like any other ship. In case there is a hostile crew on board, you will have to take it out first. Keep in mind that the ship needs to be boardable first - either on the ground, or in space, for you to be able to take it over.

Important warning:
Upon attempting to sit in the pilot seat of a restricted ship for the first time, you will receive a warning textbox that this ship is restricted and if you're sure that you want to proceed. Consider this your "save your game now just in case" warning, if by chance your new vessel ends up breaking the game. Be sure to commandeer responsibly, as some ships were never intended to be taken (e.g. the UC Vigilance) and can break quests or the game as a whole. Save often and happy pirating!


Plugins.txt Enabler


1. If you haven't already set up loose files modding, navigate to Documents\My Games\Starfield and create a StarfieldCustom.ini, if you don't already have it.
2. Add the following lines to StarfieldCustom.ini:
3. Install Plugins.txt Enabler and its requirements and carefully follow the instructions on its mod page. This is a VERY important step, otherwise the mod will not work, so make sure you do this correctly!
4. Install this mod with the latest version of a mod manager like Mod Organizer 2 (recommended) or Vortex. Please save yourself the headaches and don't install mods manually.
5. (Vortex only) Create a Plugins.txt file and add SeizureOfShips.esm to it as explained on the Plugins.txt Enabler mod page.

Safe to install/uninstall at any time. Already affected ships will remain unrestricted after uninstalling, but any ships encountered in the future will revert to the vanilla behaviour.


Not compatible with Shade's Ship Stealing - This mod achieves similar results but in a different way, chose one or the other.
(and recommended to use alongside) with Sit To Add Ship to Fleet.
Compatible with Spaceship Manager by using the patch from the optional files.


Bethesda for Starfield
Orvid for Champollion and Caprica
ElminsterAU for SF1Edit
Nukem for Plugins.txt Enabler