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Simple mod to give more EXP when doing Starborn Temple Puzzle ( the one when you get powers ).

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Update 1.1.1:

Wow! This is my first SF mod! And now, 4 months later, I am still here, doing my best to add more content to the game! I released 134 SF mods up to this date! All kinds of mods, new weapons, new armors, new perks and traits, pretty much DLC sized content! 

Update 1.1.1 adds 2 new optional files with 750 exp bonus and 1000 exp bonus
Vanilla is 200, and original mod is 500, DOWNLOAD ONLY ONE! 

Now, after so much time... and spending 5 hours a day MINIMUM on modding Starfield, I have to say that
if you guys want to support me and my work, and my effort, best way of supporting is in form of donations!
Here is an image with a link to my Paypal:


Simple mod to give more EXP when doing Starborn Temple Puzzle (the one when you get powers). 


Use mod manager and .esm installation now please!
Make sure my .esm is activated in your plugins.txt file! 
ESM must be inside steam starfield data folder! 

Make sure you correctly installed plugins.txt enabler!

And your StarfieldCustom.ini is properly setup!