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Enable button prompts for PlayStation DualShock/DualSense Controllers or Nintendo Switch-based controllers with any language

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Better button prompts for any language. Enhanced button prompts that build upon the vanilla Xbox icons with typographical adjustments. Play your way.

Now with patch support for Icon Sorting Tags! Install the patch and make sure to load this mod after Icon Sorting Tags. If you're looking for a font replacement overhaul, you can check out my other mod. This mod works by loading the extra fonts_buttons.swf file and then calling those new fonts (aka button prompt sets) in the fontconfig. Patch support is added by changing the fontconfig files. Load this after all other font-changing mods.



First time modding? Follow these steps to see your new controller prompts in game:

  1. Set up your StarfieldCustom.ini and enable Archive Invalidation to load loose files (read, understand, and follow this page exactly to avoid issues)
  2. (Optional) Install Vortex or MO2 if you know what you are doing
  3. Install all-in-one package if you have Vortex or MO2 installed, otherwise manually install your standalone package of choice into your Starfield > Data directory.
  4. (Optional) If you are manually installing a patch, install it after the controller AND THE MOD YOU ARE PATCHING (e.g. Icon Sorting Tags) and say YES to replace any files. Example install/load order: Icon Sorting Tags > PS5 DualSense > Icon Sorting Tags Patch





To prevent the risk of installing mods marking your save file as "modded" and preventing achievements, I recommend installing SFSE and Baka Achievement Enabler.