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Furball of Starfield ( previously known as Hairy Chest for the men of Starfield ) is a hairy addon for the hunks in Starfield.
We currently provide 3 different options of man fur for your protagonist in Starfield.

Permissions and credits
What is this ?

Basic hairy add-on for the hunks of Starfield with new nipps and navel textures , slightly enhanced skin details. 
Texture maps have been upgraded to 4k to preserve details .  

There are several edition to choose from . Take a peek at the screenshots to decide which one to DL.

Furball 1.5 = 
The complete package  with body and limb hairs intact.
Furball 1.3 = Hairy chest , without arm and leg hairs .
Hairy chest =Slightly Hairy chest fur , no arm and leg hairs.

What you need to know 

At the moment , this is only working for the male Skintone no:4. When I have more time I will finish up the rest.

Future plans :

Support for different skintone and with different styles of body hairs.

Installation :

1) Make sure you installed this mod which enable your game to read loose files first.
2) Unzip / extract the files into your Starfield directory . 


Q: BUG ! 
A: K , report it at discussion tab.

Q: Strange V shape around the neck area ?!
A: My mod didn't cause that , it was already there before my mod exist . When Nifskope is updated , I will look into its UV grid and meshes . For now you have to live with it.

Q : Make some for the ladies ?
A : no.

Credit : 
Hexitall for the quick custom.ini
hexabit for BAE2 updates
Xanins for sending me an edited version with the hairy back and legs texture. Ver1.5 is built upon that.