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If you have had trouble with Ryujin Industries Missions, running into bugs that block completion; this will help. I have written a text file which explains what to do to complete the quests via console.

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This is same info in text file

------ This is for adviaced users, I will answer questions, but will not write out every detail about every command you may need here. Do research as I did. ------
SetStage (QUEST ID) (1-???)---
will allow you to change the progression value/stage of your quest. 1 will be the very beginning, but beyond that you’ll have to check the stages of the specific quest using SQO (Quest ID). 
CompleteAllObjectives (Quest ID)--- 
does what it implies 
SQO (Quest ID)--- 
shows all objectives for that quest and which numerical stage they’re associated with, even the ones you haven’t completed yet. You can also use SQO on its own for a list of all objectives for all your currently active quests.
This is what worked for me with no game breaking events. I chose Research and Development for my 5yr projection.
--- Do each quest one at a time to insure no game breaking events.
--- Use SQO (Quest ID) to get all the stage numbers of the Quest while it is active.
--- Use SetStage (QUEST ID) (1-???) to set the stage to the last stage of the quest (if you want a specific outcome instead of all objectives, setstage to that specific point and perform the actiion before jumping to last stage)
--- Use CompleteAllObjectives (Quest ID) if the quest objectives leading up to the last stage do not complete when you set quest to the last stage.
--- Perform the last stage action to complete the quest and start the next quest.
--- Quest list in order with IDs --- 
002C9C97;Back to the Grind--- RI01
002C572B;One Step Ahead--- RIR01
002C2561;A New Narrative--- RIR02
002BABF3;Access is Key--- RIR03
002AAC9C;Sowing Discord--- RI02
002A8319;Accidents Happen--- RIR04
002A3945;Maintaining the Edge--- RIR05
0029EB12;Top Secrets--- RI03   (had to use unlock command to get into the officeof Masako Imada to talk to her for quest completion)
001FB85C;Background Checks--- RI04
001EE0C8;Guilty Parties--- RI05
001A9560;The Key Ingredient--- RI06
0024FB39;Managing Assets--- RIR06(this one broke when using console, so complete tasks without console)
0018B718;Sabotage--- RI07
0018B717;Executive Level--- RI08