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STARFIELD performance BOOST!
Perfect for DLSS and FSR!

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HI all

Works perfect with DLSS and FSR!

Modification It is intended to improve performance in such a way that there is no change in the rendering quality of the game.
Depending on the hardware, the performance gain will be between 5% and 15%. I decided to address all the available options in the game, so that for each of the settings to balance the performance of the game anew. This means that anyone can now squeeze out more FPS without seeing a drop in graphical quality, no matter what settings they use! From minimum to ultra!

Explaining differences in performance gains

Please note that, for example, we are reducing the resolution of static shadows from 4096 to 3072, This change may have an imperceptible effect on the performance gain on powerful GPUs, because simply the specific GPU did not have a big problem with these shadows, so we will only reduce VRAM consumption. However, weaker GPUs may gain as much as 15% and thus perform better on other graphical aspects. And it is also important that the ultra settings remain ultra. There is another modification of this type on the forum, in which several ultra settings have worse quality than high settings. And this is not the point of correct modification of game files.
To sum up (simplifying), the better performance of our PC in general, the smaller FPS gain we have from modifications of this type. And on weaker PCs the increment will be noticeably larger. However, in any case, at some point in the game we will certainly gain in performance, and we will not notice any drops in the quality of the rendered image, especially at times where FSR/DLSS/XESS is practically always on and we have TAA enabled by default in them.
And we will always reduce the demand for RAM and VRAM.

Update ready for game ver. 1.12.32+ Update/Balance some settings for new game version. Have fun all;)

After unzipping the selected settings, all you need to do is paste them into the game main directory and replace them (not in Documents), only in the main folder of the game .... (That is, where the .exe file is)... The original backup files are included. I highly recomended in grapic oprions use CONTACT SHADOWS to LOW setting, because works better with normal shadows. You can test this by moving away from and closer to objects hanging on walls casting shadows on those walls...

After installation, make sure to change your graphics settings to a different graphics preset BEFORE changing them to your preffered settings. This will force the game to use the newly modified files for when you select your preferred graphics settings.

On my profile you will find dozens of modifications to other games, welcome!

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