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Nasalization - A Font Replacer mod. An option if you're searching for a font other than the vanilla one.

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-----This game is extremely underwhelming and a big disappointment for me right now that I feel heartbroken and I have no desire to continue modding or playing it.-----


I believe the Nasapunk font of Starfield is awesome. I really like it, but I was tinkering with fonts and user interface mods, and I noticed that I enjoy seeing this font while I play. So, I decided to keep it for the rest of my playthrough and share it with the community as well. Similar situation with my Fallout 4 FallUI HUD Preset.

The images I uploaded speak for themselves, so let's not get bogged down with all the details and skip to the requirements to achieve the same look.


Endorse these mods if you enjoy them and show your appreciation to their authors for their hard work!


Once you have successfully installed all the required mods, drag and drop the "interface" folder from the downloaded zip into your Data folder located inside your game directory. Overwrite when asked.

Or install with your preferred mod manager.


You can still configure the look of your dialogue menus and subtitles to your liking through Enhanced Dialogue Interface.ini and Enhanced Subtitles.ini.


Some of the required mods such as StarUI and Compact UI are solely there to achieve a minimalistic look as shown in the screenshots. If you don't want them you can only install Enhanced Dialogue Interface and Enhanced Subtitles.

Enjoy! Endorse the mod if you like it. :P