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Increase amount of sites on Planet. It works only on not yet discovered Planets.

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Increase amount of sites on Planets. It works only on not yet discovered Planets.
Because it's randomly generated, no planet will be same, or have the same amount of sites. Some planets won't have any at all, i have no idea why, yet. Best you can do is make a quicksave before entering a undiscovered star system and if planets don't have anything try quickload. But as i said. Some planets or even whole star systems won't have any sites there. 

Before starting with this mod. Make a backup save. Once loaded sites will stay there until new game + or until you load back to save where my mod wasn't used. 

Thanks to NosenseNoreason for testing values so here they are :
Using 1000s (1000, 1000, 1000) = 31
Using 4x default (40, 120, 20) = 10
Using 3X default (30, 90, 15) = 7
Using 2X default (20, 60, 10) = 5 (Personally prefer x2, I generally get about 5-8 landing areas on planets with life)
Using default (10, 30, 5) = 3

Download and unpack mod file. (There are 2 main files, you need only one. First one, everything is set to 1000, other one has more options 2x,3x etc..)
Copy TXT file to folder where Starfield.exe is located.
Next, edit your StarfieldCustom.ini located in Documents/MyGames/Starfield.
If you did not yet mod your game add this to CustomIni.

sStartingConsoleCommand=bat MrGebaPlanetSites;      //If that doesn't work, remove ; and try again//

If you did mod already. Then edit your CustomIni to look like this:
sStartingConsoleCommand=bat somemods;bat MrGebaPlanetSites;       

If that doesn't work, try again.

Edit; I found and uploaded mod to increase random encounters in space More Space Encounters

Thanks to :
Huge thanks to linux18 and his mod LiveINI. I would not find values without his mod. <3