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!! Work in progress !!
Replaces UC Police with stormtroopers, will do more eventually

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Conversion to Star Wars, Galactic Civil War era. !! Currently only replaces UC police armor !!

Currently this mod just replaces the models of the UC police uniform with Stormtrooper armor.
However I plan on doing much more in the future.

This mod is using an experimental mesh import tool that I created myself, it may have a few issues here and there so let me know,
The armor doesn't have morph targets for body sliders, And the male and female armor is the same, and I didn't replace the first person arm model.

Recommended Mods
Here are a few mods created with this mod in mind that will enhance the experience
Empire Era GUI Text Replacer
Stormtrooper Voice Lines (AI)
Black Stormtrooper Under suit
Imperial Flags

Documents Install (recommended):
Go to your documents folder then "My Games\Starfield" (C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Starfield).
Extract Data folder from zip into the folder, Next if you haven't already then create a file called "StarfieldCustom.ini" and add this in it


Game Directory Install(not recommended):
Locate your game folder and extract the data folder from the zip into the folder, Next go to your documents folder...
then "My Games\Starfield" (C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\My Games\Starfield).
Then if you haven't already create a file called "StarfieldCustom.ini" and add this in it


then delete all files inside Documents\My Games\Starfield\Data if there are any files in this data folder it wont read from the files inside the game folder, this method isn't recommended cause taking screenshots with the photo mode adds files into this folder, breaking mods

UPDATE: looks like there may be a mod to fix this, haven't tried it myself though Baka Kill My Games Folder

  • Replace all UC armor with Imperial versions
  • Replace all Freestar armor with Rebel versions
  • Replace Multiple weapons with Star wars versions

And after the creation kit is released if I am still super into Starfield then maybe more

Time line
Currently i am in the middle of move so it will probably be a few weeks before the next update, i plan to fix most of the current issues and maybe add a few more armors for the empire, after that i will make a proper timeline/road map